Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop

Edward Scissorhands Pop! #17

Edward Scissorhands is a Tim Burton classic everyone knows and loves. If for some strange reason you have not seen the movie yet, I highly reccomend watching it right now because you’re definitely missing out. My husband and I are both huge Tim Burton fans and while we try to be very selective in the Pops we buy, this Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop! is one we could not resist.

This Edward Scissorhands Pop is a little different because it is part of the Pop! Movies line and is the only one in the “Edward Scissorhands” collection. As you can see on the back of the back, Edward is #17 and there is the Edward Pop artwork followed by a blank space where other characters from the collection would normally be displayed. Unfortunately no other characters from this amazing movie were made in Pop form, but who knows, we may see other characters in the future.

Edward Scissorhands Funko PopThis Edward Pop is really well made and has a lot of wonderful details. Edward’s hair is all black and spiky with one chunk of hair swooping across the right side of his face. I think the hair looks great, particularly in the back with all the spikes. Do be careful when picking out your Edward Pop because I noticed a lot of the Pops had black paint bleeding onto the beige paint of his face. While the hairline of my Pop is okay, the piece of swooping hair is bleeding into the skin of my Pop which is not ideal.

Before even looking at the body of this Pop, you know it’s Edward Scissorhands straight away because of the scars on his face. Edward has 8 scars spread all over his face and while some people believe there aren’t enough scars on his face, I think 8 was just enough to give Edward his signature look without the scars being too distracting. A really nice touch to the Pop is the translucent black around the eyes just as Edward had in the movie.


Edward Scissorhands Funko PopLast, but definitely not least, is the detailing of Edward’s body. Most notable are Edward’s hands, which of course are scissors. Edward has 6 blade “fingers” with one black scissor handle and one copper handle on each hand. Considering how intricate Edward’s hands are, the paint job is incredibly well done. Edward’s outfit is also incredibly detailed and very accurate to the movie. Edward’s outfit is all black with the gold button detailing. The outfit even has the three round gold belt buckles on the left side of his chest and a black belt around his waist. While some of the gold paint is a little faded on my pop, the buttons are so tiny that it’s hardly a cause for complaint.

Overall I think this Edward Scissorhands Pop is very well done and I am incredibly happy to be adding him to my Funko Pop! collection. If you’re a Tim Burton fan, this is a definite must have. Hopefully in the future we will see other characters such as Peg or Joyce *fingers crossed*.

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