Disney Store Olaf Plush

Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs! I don’t think I even have to mention the incredible success and popularity of Frozen and the iconic song, ‘Let it Go’. When I went to Disneyland Paris in 2014, all I

The Lion King Paper Heart Frame

I cannot express in words my love for The Lion King. It is my absolute favourite Disney movie and I

Simpsons Lego Minifigures – Series 2

I’m sure it comes to no surprise that a series of Minifigures of characters from the longest-running American sitcom created

18″ Baymax Plushie

Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. Big Hero 6 is a computer-animated movie by Disney based on the

Sebastian Disney Store Plushie

When you think about Sebastian, you just can’t help but start to sing Under the Sea in your head! Sebastian

Pajama Jack Funko Pop! #205

With Halloween fast approaching, we need Jack to get out of his Pajamas, put Christmas on hold for a second,

Frozen Kinder Surprise Toys

What could be better than some delicious chocolate with a surprise toy inside? Youtube is filled with videos of people

Tetris Jenga

Jenga is the classic wood block-stacking game loved by everyone, including young children, adults, and even teenagers at parties (no

Duff Energy Drink

When we think of Homer Simpson two things come to mind, doughnuts and Duff Beer. In 2014, I had the


I’m just a nerd who wants to share my ever growing collection with the world and bring all sorts cute and fun into one space.



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