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In 2018 Primark was on point when it came to Disney merchandise. Following the release of the very popular Beauty and the Beast range, Primark took it up a notch with the release of this stunning Genie Lamp Tea Pot. It was released in anticipation of the live action Aladdin movie released in 2019. This Lamp Tea Pot is a lot more than just a tea pot – it is the perfect Genie Lamp replica for Disney fans and collectors. 

How much is it and where can I get it?

I purchased my Genie Lamp Tea Pot for the very fair price of £10 from Primark in the UK. It was released in 2018 and unfortunately Primark has not sold this item for many years.

If you are looking to purchase one second-hand on eBay or a similar site, at the time of this post there are still several available on eBay for fairly reasonable prices. The prices are in the region of £20-£25 including shipping, which seems very fair. Although it was designed to be a functional novelty tea pot, it is a beautiful and underrated replica. 

Be very careful and check the photos on the listing very, very carefully. When I was picking my Genie Lamp Tea Pot in the store, I noticed MANY of the lamps had chips and/or scratches. Even if the lamp is perfect prior to shipping if it is not packaged properly, it will likely break or chip in transit (particularly when the original packaging is only a thin PVC box). Although the packaging was quite cheap and simple, I regret throwing it away. Keep packaging whenever possible as it comes it handy to keep track of when the item was released, by whom, information about the product, etc.

When searching, I found an alternative Genie Lamp Tea Pot which comes in a set with two matching teacups but unfortunately the teapot has “three wishes” printed across the lamp which of course is less desirable for collectors. See below links:-

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Teapot with 2 Matching Teacups (Last Available) – Yella Brick Road

Aladdin Genie Lamp Tea Pot (


Dimensions: 10 Inches wide; 6.4 inches high; 4.65 inches in depth (according to the measurements printed on the box)

The Primark Genie Lamp Tea Pot is an officially licensed item. 

As it says in the name, it is an actual functional ceramic tea pot. Be very careful when handling the tea pot as it is very fragile and can chip quite easily.

Tea Pot


The lid of the lamp is removable and the spout has an open hole so liquid can flow through with ease. The fit of the lid is not tight so be careful as it does slide around and will fall off if the pot is not held up right.

The tea pot is to be hand washed only. It is also NOT suitable for microwave or oven use. This warning is printed on the base of the tea pot together with the copyright information.


 As you can see, the design of the lamp is stunning and impressively movie accurate. 


The Lid

The lid has a teardrop-shaped handle just like the lamp in the movie. There is also a very movie accurate ridged pattern all around the rim of the lid. The only things missing for perfect movie accuracy is the light and dark colouring on the ridged pattern and literally one line of detailing on the handle. However, that is a big ask for a £10 product from Primark.


The Shape

The overall shape of the lamp itself is also incredibly movie accurate. As you can see, the spout slants slightly upwards with the bottom portion extending out further than the top portion of the spout. The only noticeable discrepancy is that the tip of the spout is not as pointed as it appears in the movie, but this is nit picking. 

The handle also has a very movie accurate shape and design. The handle points slightly upwards before curving around to the rounded base. The base of the handle on the tea pot actually has more detailing than the base of the handle on the lamp in the movie. On the tea pot, you can see the shape and lines where the handle would have been curved into the ball shape on the base whereas on the lamp in the movie, no detailing or lines can be seen.

The Base

On the base there is another ridged pattern which is meant to be the same as the pattern seen on the lid. Whilst it is very similar, the pattern is a little more triangular to the pattern on the lid. This makes it a little less movie accurate. Even so, the pattern is very clean and consistent and the discrepancy between the two is very minor.

The word “Aladdin” is printed on the base of the lamp. This is definitely my least favourite feature. I don’t think it is necessary and actually takes away from the fact that this item is a very well made replica.  On the bright side, the wording is very small and subtle. I did not even notice it until I brought it home.


The gold paint on the lamp is HIGHLY reflective giving it the shine and golden look we expect to see, even though technically it is supposed to be bronze. I cannot fault the colour at all, it is absolutely perfect and looks exactly how I would expect it to look.

Please be very careful when taking photographs or videos as you will be able to see everything in the background reflected in the lamp! Make sure you remove all and any embarrassing things before sharing any photos.

Naturally, when you handle the lamp there will be fingerprints visible on the paint but they are not nearly as noticeable as I expected them to be due to how shiny and reflective the paint is on the lamp.  

Movie Accuracy

I cannot stress enough the beauty and movie accuracy of this tea pot. From the shape, design, colour, execution, it looks like it was plucked right out of the movie. It was designed to be a relatively cheap and functional ceramic tea pot and out sprouted this stunning Disney piece that looks like an expensive replica. It truly was a diamond in the rough!

The only non-movie accurate feature is the “Aladdin” wording printed on the base. Luckily the wording is very small, subtle, and faint so your eyes do not immediately go to the printed wording. If you are like me and are not a fan of the wording, you can just display the lamp turned around as it is luckily only printed on one side.

Geekkie Opinion

I think we got our three wishes with this item – it’s a beautiful replica, it’s affordable, and it’s even functional. Unfortunately the genie is not included so we can’t quit our day jobs just yet!

You can use the Genie Lamp as a tea pot, you could even use it as a gravy pot, or as a display item. I think it’s a stunning replica piece that would look fantastic on display on a nice velvet pillow. You can get as creative as you like but bear in mind the more you handle it, the more likely it is to chip, wear, and get damaged.

I am incredibly happy to have this item in my collection and it was definitely worth the £10 I paid. Even though it is no longer available in Primark, I definitely think it is worth seeking out. 

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