Noble Collection The Crystal Goblet from the Cave

There’s nothing a Harry Potter fan loves more than bringing a piece of the Wizarding World into their home. Particularly when that piece is not OBVIOUSLY “Harry Potter” (except to us fans of course).

The Noble Collection Crystal Goblet from the Cave is a stunning reproduction of the goblet seen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to drain the poisonous water from the basin in the cave. It is a beautiful display piece which ticks a lot of boxes for collectors including being movie accurate, well designed, full-scale, and best of all, affordable!

The Goblet

Not surprisingly, Noble Collection have done a fantastic job in creating this incredibly movie accurate reproduction of the crystal goblet.

**Before we get into the details, please note that the goblet is a display piece only. It is not designed to be used as an actual goblet. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK OUT OF THE GOBLET.


The overall design is absolutely stunning and very movie accurate. The goblet looks like it was plucked right out of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and brings the magic of the Wizarding World home. It’s a perfect item for Wizarding World Collectors.

Dimensions: Length: 23cm; Width: 16cm; Depth: 12cm

The goblet was cast in resin and features a Mother of Pearl finish in the base. It is completely translucent except for the portions with black paint on the bottom.

The goblet features crystal detailing on the “handle” as seen in the movie. The crystal detailing is beautifully designed as each crystal is a different size, cut, and shape. There are larger crystals on the handle itself and the sizes of the crystals then taper down as they morph into the shell-shaped goblet. As the crystals on the handle are not hollow there is a fair bit of weight to the rear of the goblet. 

The tapering of the crystals into the shell is very impressive and very movie accurate. If you were to hold the goblet straight in your hand, the crystals taper down along the right hand side of the shell and only a little on the left side, just like the movie. There is even some yellow paint detailing in the nooks and crannies of the small jagged crystals on the shell portion of the goblet.

The shell-shaped portion of the goblet is also made of resin and is very thin compared to the handle portion. Inside the shell-shaped portion there are lines which follow the shape of the shell and are part of the design of the original moulding. The lines are a nice detail as they are not even that noticeable in the film. As advertised, at the bottom rear portion of the goblet there is a small circular portion which has a mother of pearl paint finish just over the black paint on the base. This gives a little bit of an effect as though there is some water in the goblet. 

The Base

My least favourite part of the goblet is the base. The design of the base has lovely detailing which provides more movie accuracy, but it feels a little sloppy.

The base underneath the handle is painted black which can be seen through the top of the handle, adding to the movie accuracy of the replica. Whilst this is great, unfortunately the black paint extends out underneath the shell portion of the goblet in a very awkward shape. My guess is that it was extended out in this way to highlight the mother of pearl paint finish above, which is does, but I feel like this could have been achieved in a tidier way. The shaping of the black paint on this portion could have been wider and a little more subtle so as to highlight the mother of pearl finish whilst maintaining the movie accuracy of the replica. 

The copyright information, the not to drink warning, and the Made in China sticker are also printed on the translucent portion of the base. This is a shame because the writing is also visible when the goblet is standing right side up. I think it would have been better if the wording was printed in white on the black portion of the base so at least it wouldn’t be visible through the shell. Luckily, at least the Made in China sticker is removable.

The crystal detailing on the goblet also continues on to the base. It is a lot flatter than it is on the top and sides, but it is still jagged. This takes away from the stability of the piece in a way that is not needed. 

Stability & Display

The stability is relatively good. You can display and keep the goblet on any hard, flat surface and it will stand on its own. Unfortunately the base is not flat due to the jagged design of the crystals on the bottom. Therefore the goblet will wobble if there is any movement. Whilst I appreciate the detail and movie accuracy of the “crystallized” base, I think it would be better if a small portion of the base was flattened to provide a little more stability. Alternatively, a small little display base could have been provided.


The scaling is not 100% accurate as the reproduction is slightly smaller compared to the crystal goblet seen in the film. Luckily the discrepancy in size is so small that it is not noticeable when you hold or display the goblet. 

The Packaging

The Crystal Goblet from the Cave comes packaged in the usual Noble Collection white manufacturer’s box.

As you can see it is packaged in a customised white styrofoam box taped securely shut. You will just need to lift the styrofoam lid to reveal the crystal goblet inside. It is already secure within the styrofoam but for extra protection, there is a small piece of foam inside to ensure the goblet does not move around in transit. There is also a little piece of tissue paper and a little packet of silica gel.

How much is it and where can I get it?

This reproduction of the Crystal Goblet comes at a very fair and reasonable price. You can purchase it direct from Noble Collection however this item is not exclusively sold by Noble Collection. At the time of this post, it is available on Amazon and other fandom retailers. Unfortunately since COVID-19 it is not as widely available and a lot of retailers show the item as being out of stock but fear not, at least it is still available from Noble Collection. Helpful hint: If the Crystal Goblet is out of stock on the Noble Collection website, join the waiting list and you will be notified by email once the item is back in stock.

In the UK, it is available for £36.00 from Noble Collection. You can either purchase it from the Noble Collection shop in London or online.  Whilst I love going in the shop and having a look, I try and order online whenever possible to accumulate points for future purchases! On the US Noble Collection website, The Crystal Goblet from the Cave is available for $45.00.

At the time of this post, the Crystal Goblet is also available on Amazon, and some other retailers. Please see below for some useful links where the Crystal Goblet is still available:-

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Fun Facts
  • The goblet was originally supposed to be a metal cup attached by a chain to the crystal basin but according to Hattie Storey they decided on a crystal goblet which still looked semi-manmade but also looked like something that would be found in a cave with crystal everywhere. 
  • Miraphora Mina, who created the graphic Harry Potter universe, came across an ancient carved jade Chinese scoop with a sheep’s head holder and this inspired the crystalline shell shape for the prop.
Geekkie Opinion

Wizarding World Noble Collection replicas are usually very high quality and very movie accurate. This Crystal Goblet from the Cave is no exception and ticks a lot of important boxes. It is affordable, high quality, beautifully designed by a reputable company, accessible, and movie accurate. It is a must have for Wizarding World fans and collectors. Whilst there are some minor issues on the base, these are not noticeable when the item is on display. I have absolutely no regrets purchasing this item and am very happy to display it in my collection! 

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