Toy Story Troikas Collector Replica Toy


The Troikas are the egg-shaped nesting toys that make an appearance in both Toy Story and Toy Story 2. The Troikas never actually had any lines, but their most memorable scene is the scene where they hear Sid’s voice outside and fearfully nested into each other to hide. The Troikas were based on the Little Tykes Nesting Farm Animal toys and were never officially released as toys. While this is terrible news for all Toy Story fans out there who want a complete collection, luckily replicas have been made and they do not disappoint.

I’ve been hunting for Troikas for quite some time and was absolutely ecstatic when I found them pop up on eBay. At the time of this post, the Troikas are still available for purchase on eBay from the seller bashford42785. While they do not come cheap, they are incredibly well made and their accuracy will live up to any avid Toy Story collector’s standards.

These Troikas are actual wooden nesting eggs made in Russia. All the Troikas open and fit the next sized troika with the exception of the smallest Troika, the ladybug, which does not open at all. The Troikas are all hand painted and lacquered to give them a plastic toy look and ensure that the painting is protected. There are 5 eggs in total: the bulldog, the cat, the duck, the goldfish, and the ladybug. The largest troika, the bulldog, measures approximately 4.5 inches tall and the smallest troika, the ladybug, measures approximately 1.5 inches tall. All the Troikas have a flat base so they can stand on their own without a problem, so there should be no issues with display. The accuracy of the painting to the movie is unreal and they look exactly as they do in the movie.

Toy Story Troikas Replica Nesting Egg toy collector's toyToy Story Troikas Replica Nesting Egg toy collector's toy

For all the Toy Story toy collectors out there, I think this is a definite must-have. The Troikas do come at a high cost, but they are incredibly well done and incredibly rare. The only individual who sells them is eBay seller, bashford42785 and according to his post, he is on his last shipment of these custom-made toys. Whether he will continue to sell them in the future after he sells his last shipment remains unknown, but regardless, these are fantastic replicas. I do want to stress that they are replicas and are a collector’s item. They are quite delicate and would not be good for the purposes of a toy for a young child. However, if you’re like a me and are a permanent child who wants to have a collection of the most film-accurate toys from Andy’s room, this is an absolute must-have gem.


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