Evil Queen Funko Pop! 42 Disney Series 2

Evil Queen Funko Pop! #42

The Evil Queen in Snow White is Disney’s first ever villain. As much as we all love the Disney Princesses, the stories would be nothing without the magic of the villains. When we think of Snow White, we think of the alluring poisonous apple, and there would be no apple without the jealousy and hate of the Evil Queen that motivated her to conjure up the apple with her evil spell.

Recently there have been a lot of toy villain series and I am absolutely loving it. The danger of the villains make these series really cool and I am always happy to see a villain toy. Of all the Disney Funko Pop! toys I have seen, this Evil Queen Funko Pop! caught my eye first. The crown, the colours, and the apple have made this Funko Pop! look so stunning and I knew I had to have it.

The Evil Queen (42) is part of the Disney Funko Pop! series 4, which consists of a variety of Disney characters such as the Sorcerer Micky (37), Goofy (38), Oogie Boogie (39), Mayor (40), Cinderella (41), Chernabog (43), Eve (44), Wall-E (45), Grumpy (46), Tigger (47), and Jack Sparrow (48).

The Evil Queen of course has the traditional black Pop! eyes and a wonderful yellow crown on her head. I absolutely love the detailing of her fierce eyebrows, the purple eyeshadow, her long lashes. and her rosy cheeks. The best Funko Pops! are always the Pops! that have some form of detailing on their face/head that make them look different to all the other Funko Pops! The Evil Queen looks absolutely fierce and fabulous and is ready to come for you!

Evil Queen Funko Pop! 42 Disney Series 2

I am loving the Evil Queen’s robe as well because it is the perfect deep eggplant colour and the detailing of the handing fabric off her arms really makes the outfit. Of course the best part of this Pop! is the bright red apply in the Evil Queen’s hand. The posing is absolutely perfect because both her arms are out with the apple in her left hand as if she’s offering you a bite of the tempting, fresh apple.

Now I say this every time, whether to keep the Funko Pop! in the box or take it out completely comes down to personal preference. I thought the Evil Queen would look great out of the box, but I decided to display this one in the box because I absolutely love the artwork on the front of the box and the surrounding red colour. Do be careful in picking out your Pops! because sometimes there are some unwanted paint marks, either on the box or on the Pop! itself. Unfortunately mine has a little nude paint on the clear plastic of the box but luckily it’s not too noticeable, especially when it is on display.

Now I don’t think there’s any value in collecting an entire Funko Pop! collection unless you love each and every character in the collection because Funko Pops! are produced by the thousands and it is impossible to keep up with every collection. If you’re a hardcore Disney fan and would like to add some classic evil and danger to your collection, I highly reccomend this Pop! because she is absolutely stunning.

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