Pajama Jack Funko Pop

Pajama Jack Funko Pop! #205

With Halloween fast approaching, we need Jack to get out of his Pajamas, put Christmas on hold for a second, and be the Pumpkin King! Jack can be very tired of the same old thing after October 31st has passed.

This Jack Skellington Funko Pop! is a 2016 Summer Convension Exclusive, but I found this Pop in Hot Topic both in the States and Canada towards the end of summer and there were plenty available.

Pajama Jack Funko Pop 205Nightmare Before Christmas Series 7

This Pajama Jack (205) is a Summer Convention Exclusive and is part of The Nightmare Before Christmas Series 7, which includes Jack Skellington (114), Sally (115), Pumpkin King (153), and Nightshade Sally (154).

Pajama Jack Funko Pop 205I think this Funko Pop is really cute and really well done. As Jack Skellington is a Tim Burton character, this Pop of course needs to be a little bit odd and different. While Pajama Jack has the black Pop! eyes, the eyes are a little concave rather than convex. The eyes are a subtle difference, but it is noticeable. The most distinctive feature of this Pop! is Jack’s grin. His grin is very detailed with lots of teeth showing and all the little lines, which is the stitching around his mouth.

Pajama Jack is of course wearing the Pajamas he was wearing in the movie when he locked himself in his tower trying to learn about the mystery of Christmas. What really makes the outfit is Jack’s long and adorable night cap. It just makes him look really cute a little less scary. Jack is also holding a black book in his hands labelled ‘The Scientific Method’, which he was using to understand the logic of Christmas.

Jack also has skinny pointy feet which makes it difficult for him to stand on his own. Since this Pajama Jack is a newer Pop, he does come with a clear stand that fits right into the bottom of his feet. This allows Jack to be displayed standing up outside of the box. Although not all Funko Pops that come with a clear stand need the stand, this Pajama Jack will definitely require the stand. I’m not a huge fan of the stand, but it’s not a deal breaker at all as I think this Pop is very well done and perfect for both Halloween or Christmas.

If you’re a Pop! collector and love The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Pajama Jack Pop is definitely worth picking up because he is very well made and is absolutely adorable. Although he was a 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive, it is definitely worth checking out your local Hot Topic or even your local comic book store. I managed to find this Pajama Jack in Hot Topic and I have spotted other 2016 Summer Convention Pops in my local comic book store.

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