Beauty and the Beast Bell Jar Sketchbook Ornament Collection Disney Store

Bell Jar Ornament – Sketchbook Ornament Collection

Every year everyone starts preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier, and this year it seems like Christmas hit before summer was even over. As much as I love Christmas, it feels a little disturbing to prepare for Christmas before October even starts, but equally you don’t want to miss out on all the good merchandise and deals before stock runs out.

At the beginning of September I saw a lot of people posting images of the Disney Store Sketchbook Ornament Collection ornaments and I must admit they look absolutely adorable. The good news is that the ornaments were, and still are, available on the Disney Store website so you don’t necessarily have to purchase the ornaments from your local Disney Store. This is good news because a lot of Disney Stores do not carry the ornaments in-store just yet. For me, September felt a little too early to start purchasing Christmas ornaments so I did not order anything online.

I had a little bit of a change of heart when I was in London one weekend and went to the Disney Store on Oxford Street. The Disney Store on Oxford Street tends to stock more new items than other Disney Stores across the UK, including the Sketchbook Ornament Collection ornaments. They were so many adorable Disney ornaments that it was nearly impossible narrowing down which ornaments I wanted because I just wanted to bring them all home. Again, it was still September and it still felt a bit too early to go all out on Christmas decorations so I decided to buy a couple of ornaments that I really loved and would display in my collection all year long.

One of the ornaments I decided to bring home was this beautiful Beauty and the Beast bell jar ornament. While it is a Christmas ornament, I think it is a beautiful piece and I intend to display it with my Disney collectibles all-year-round after Christmas is over.

Beauty and the Beast Bell Jar Sketchbook Ornament Collection Disney Store lit up

This bell jar ornament has a gold coloured base and glass dome. On the bottom of the base inside the glass, the base is covered in gold glitter and a single red petal which has already fallen. Of course, there is also a red rose inside which lights up! There is a switch on the bottom of the ornament, which turns on a red light inside the red rose. As this bell jar is a Christmas ornament, there is also a red velvet sting attached to the top of the bell jar so you can hang this beautiful ornament on your Christmas tree. There is also a little golden metal charm attached to the red velvet string which says “Disney Store” and “2016” on the back, to make the ornament an official Disney Store merchandise.

Now if you’re a big fan of Beauty and the Beast and don’t want to miss out on this beautiful Beauty and the Beast bell jar ornament, you may find this in your local Disney Store and if not, you can find it on the online Disney Store. There are so many lovely, well-made Disney ornaments and it will definitely be a very difficult task to choose which ones are your favourites. As much as we want to purchase all of the ornaments, they are on the expensive side as this ornament was £13.99 here in the UK, which is $16.95 in the US. I think a good approach is to pick your all-time favourites first, and if you’re a collector like myself, choose ornaments that you would happily have out on display all year <3



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