Walt Disney Parade Book Set 1970

Walt Disney Parade Books (1970)

As much as I love the amazing animation of all the new Disney movies, nothing beats old school Disney illustrations from the classics we all know and love.

Walt Disney Parade Books

While it’s always fun checking out the latest toys in the Disney Store and Toys R Us, as a collector and hardcore Disney fan, it’s important not to forget about your local thrift store or car boot/yard sale in your hunt for those treasures to add to your collection. One day while I was browsing at my local car boot sale, I spotted this Walt Disney Parade Fun, Fact, Fantasy, and Fiction book set from 1970, and while it may not be in the most pristine condition, I just had to have this set. Who could honestly resist old hardcover books with vintage Disney illustrations and that old book smell?

This set consists of four books: Fun Favourites, Adventures in Fact, Fantasy on Parade, and Great Moments in Fiction.

Fun Favourites Book 1970Adventures in FactFantasy on Parade Book 1970Great Moments in Fiction Book 1970

The books come in a red cardboard sleeve with a parade of Disney characters on the front. It may be difficult to find a sleeve in good condition now but I don’t think a damaged sleeve takes anything away from the set, if anything it just shows how much Disney has been loved throughout the years.

Fun Favourites

The title of this book sums up the book quite nicely as it is a collection of fun favourite short stories with illustrations. This book contains 25 fun short stories including:

Gus Gus vintage

  1. The Jungle Book
  2. The Seven Dwarfs Find a House
  3. Mickey Mouse’s Picnic
  4. Uncle Scrooge, Lemonade King
  5. Perri
  6. Davy Crockett and Mike Fink
  7. Pigs in Pigs
  8. Scamp
  9. The Flying Gauchito
  10. The Life of Donald Duck
  11. The Runaway Lamb
  12. Thumper
  13. Chip ‘n’ Dale at the Zoo
  14. The Little Red Hen – A Swinging Fairy Tale
  15. The Gingerbread Man – A Swinging Fairy Tale
  16. Chicken Little
  17. Duck in Boots – A Swinging Fairy Tale
  18. The Golden Goose – A Swinging Fairy Tale
  19. Donald Duck, Prize Driver
  20. The Country Cousin
  21. Donald Duck, Private Eye
  22. Lucky Puppy
  23. The Practical Pig
  24. The Brave Mice and the Magic Cheese
  25. The Brave Mice and the Invisible Menace


Adventures in Fact

Now this book is a little more educational as it is a collection of interesting facts. There are twelve sections with twelve interesting topics to learn about. Of course some sections will not have up-to-date information anymore, particularly the science sections, but there some that are simply timeless and interesting such as The History of Disneyland

The twelve sections include:

  1. Our Friend the Atom – by Heinz HaberJungle Book Animation
  2. Ranger Woodlore’s Nature Hikes – The Busy Bee
  3. The Migration Mystery
  4. Nature’s Better Built Homes
  5. It’s Tough to be a Bird
  6. Fishes of the Tropical Atlantic
  7. The History of Disneyland
  8. Sancho the Homing Steer
  9. Fishes of the Indian and Pacific
  10. The Art of Animation
  11. Japan
  12. Thailand


Fantasy on Parade

This book goes back to the fun and contains a collection of fantasy short stories. This book contains 20 short stories including:

  1. Pecos BillFantasy on Parade illustration
  2. Paul Bunyan
  3. Windwagon Smith
  4. John Henry
  5. The Reluctant Dragon
  6. Tales of Zorro
  7. Mickey and the Beanstalk
  8. Little Hiawatha
  9. Through the Picture Frame
  10. The Story of Timothy’s House
  11. The Case of the Light-Fingered Fiddler
  12. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  13. The Steadfast Tin Soldier
  14. Further Adventures of Peter Pan
  15. Rumpelstiltskin
  16. Lambert the Sheepish Lion
  17. The Little Match Girl
  18. The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
  19. The Musicians of Bremen
  20. 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea


Great Moments in Fiction

This book contains a collection of stories that are adaptations of Disney motion pictures and screenplays. This book contains 8 stories including:


  1. The AristocatsGreat Moments in Fiction Image
  2. Blackbeard’s Ghost
  3. Westward Ho the Wagons
  4. The Love Bug
  5. The Great Locomotive Chase
  6. The Happiest Millionaire
  7. The Ugly Dachshund
  8. Kidnapped


This Walt Disney Parade book set from 1970 is fantastic as a display piece and is also fantastic for the wonderful stories it contains. These books would look excellent on any bookshelf and would be perfect for the nursery. These books would also be excellent for reading to your little ones for bed time because they would take them back in time into the world of classic Disney and other classic tales. If you would to add these books to your collection, this set can still be easily found on both Amazon and eBay for a very reasonable price. Happy reading!

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