Hunchback of Notre Dame Tiger Electronics Handheld Console

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Tiger Electronics Handheld Console

The Hunchback of Notre Dame may not have been the most popular Disney movie out there, but the story of Quasimodo is one we all know very well. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a classic Disney movie that deals with a lot of mature dark issues, but the most important of all is that we should never judge someone just by their appearance or shun someone just because they are different. We are all unique and special in our own ways 🙂

Technology has come a long way since then 90s when The Hunchback of Notre Dame was first released but I could not help but purchase this retro piece of gaming from my childhood. As a 90s baby, before I ever got my hands on an Game Boy or a Nintendo DS, I played with these Disney handheld electronic consoles. These consoles were meant to bring the movie to life and make it feel as if you were actually in the movie. In hindsight, that now seems like an absolute joke but back in the day, these brought hours of when when you had a long car journey (only if you had daylight).

The aim of the game was to run through the street of Paris avoiding baddies by making Quasimodo swing and slide. The “music” is incredibly repetitive and while you didn’t mind the noise as a child, it will now likely get on your nerves very quickly. Luckily there is a sound button to turn the music right off. This game is also a game you can only play when you have sufficient lighting because like all handheld consoles from the 90s, there is no backlighting.

Obviously this retro gaming “console” could not even begin to compete with today’s gaming. You may enjoy playing for 10-20 minutes for the nostalgia, but the fun is likely to die very quickly. It definitely would not be entertaining for any child today. This toy now is definitely a collector’s piece for the nostalgic gamer/toy collector. I don’t enjoy playing the game very much, but I love having this retro Disney gaming console on display because it reminds me of my childhood. If you’re feeling nostalgic and are looking to add this or any other Tiger Electronics handheld console game, there are plenty floating around eBay and Amazon for fairly reasonable prices. If you’re a nostalgic gamer or Disney fan, this would be a lovely addition to any collection.

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