Home Colour Changing Figures

Home Colour Changing Figures – Full Set

Home is a computer animated film by Dreamworks about aliens called ‘Boov’ taking over planet earth in their mission to escape their enemy, the ‘Gorg’, and find a new home. While this movie may not have been as serious and layered as Inside Out, which was released in the same year, I thought Home was a very cute and entertaining movie. I was incredibly surprised by the poor reviews as I thought the movie would be a lot more popular than it was, especially considering Oh was voiced by Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory. I think the movie is generally very underrated and if you haven’t seen it already, it is definitely worth watching.

Home Colour Changing Figures

The aliens in the movie, called Boov, change colours depending on their mood and emotions. When I spotted these Home Colour Changing Figures in Toys R Us, they looked so adorable, I just had to have them. There are 6 different colour changing figures to collect including: a bashful pink Oh, A happy Orange Oh, an Angry blue Oh, a groovy purple Oh, a purple Captain Smek, and a baby Boov.

These colour changing figures respond to heat, touch, warm, and cool water. To make the figures changing colour, simply dunk the figure into some warm water. If you want to change your figure back to its original colour, dunk the figure into some cold water. The figures will even respond to the heat of your hands! I think the figures are genraly very well done and would be great fun for the young ones. These figures would definitely be perfect for bath time as the figures are plastic and very light weight. Do be careful with the fingers and captain’s Smek’s shusher as they bend and wear very easily.

Watch Captain Smek change colours!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj0guoHuh0Y[/embedyt]

Captain Smek getting ready for his warm bath……

Captain Smek change colours

Captain Smek post bath…….

Captain Smek colour changing figure

Considering that these toys are meant to be taken out of the package and handled and dunked in water, they are very detailed and accurate to the movie. The packaging is really well done with Oh’s head sticking up at the top and his hands on the side as if he were holding the toy himself. While these figures may not have been intended to be collectible figures, I think these toys are great collectibles, especially if you leave them in the package. I have a full set still in the package and I think they look excellent displayed on the shelf together.

Whether you use these toys as a bath time toys or as a collector’s piece, they are very well done and very reasonably priced. They are normally priced at £7.99 or approximately $10.00(US), but they are often on sale for £4.99 or approximately $7.00 (US). If you enjoyed this sweet film, these are definitely worth picking up.

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