Geek Gear Exclusive Wizardry Potion Professor Hourglass

Geek Gear Exclusive Wizardry Potion Professor Hourglass

Geek Gear released this Wizardry Potion Professor Hourglass replica in their December 2020 Wizardry Subscription box. It is a Geek Gear Exclusive item. This item is without a doubt one of the best replicas Geek Gear have released to date. It is a fantastic mini replica for all of us who want nothing more than to join the infamous Slug Club.

There is of course a very high quality full-scale movie accurate Slughorn Hourglass available from Noble Collection, but this does come at a very high price. Luckily Geek Gear have done a wonderful job in creating an affordable, accessible, and durable mini replica.

The Hourglass 

Geek Gear Wizardry Potion Professor Slughorn Hourglass

This mini Wizardry Potion Professor Hourglass is a working miniature hourglass. The hourglass is made of glass and contains green sand inside. The sand runs for just over 2 minutes however exact times will vary. The hourglass is enclosed inside 6 metal snakes which form the handles. There are three snakes on the top portion and three on the bottom portion. The snakes are made of metal and are very detailed. The eyes are green, there are little green patches on the necks, and the bodies are green and rigid. The heads are attached to a circular disc in the middle of the top and case of the hourglass. The level of detail for this mini replica is incredibly impressive. It is also very movie accurate given its size.


Geek Gear

The packaging for this item is also very well done and looks incredibly cute. The hourglass was wrapped in bubble wrap in a small burgundy coloured box. There is a beautiful yellow hourglass design on the front and back of the box. Even with the giveaway design, I do not think people expected an actual mini movie accurate replica! The latin phrase Etiam faucibus ligula eget ipsum maximus feugiat Cras adio mauris, condimentum ut porttitor is also printed on the sides. Unfortunately the Latin to English translators are not very accurate so I do not know the exact translation of the phrase. If there are any readers out there who can translate the saying into English, please do comment below! 🙂 

Where can you purchase this mini replica?

Although this Wizardry Potion Hourglass was originally released in the December 2020 Geek Gear Wizardry Subscription, it has been available for purchase in the Geek Gear online shop for years. At the time of this post, it is still available online for purchase for £19.99. The original price was £24.99 so it has been marked down a little. Geek Gear sent a warning email in early February 2022 to say that this is a bestselling item that will NOT be restocked. Therefore if you want to add this item to your collection, you should pick it up as soon as possible while stocks last.

Geek Gear Wizardry Potion Hourglass:


Whether or not you already own the full-scale Noble Collection Professor Slughorn’s hourglass, this Geek Gear Wizardry Potion Professor Hourglass is definitely worth picking up. I have not seen a mini replica like this except for the full-size replica by Noble Collection. It would not surprise me to see this item going for silly money on eBay in the future however this should not be your sole reason for purchasing this item as the world of collector’s items can be very unpredictable. You should purchase it while you can if you love the product and it is something you would cherish. I have no regrets about purchasing this mini replica. It looks stunning displayed with my potion collection.

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