Interactive Talking Charmander toy

Interactive Talking Charmander

As a 90s baby I was absolutely obsessed with Pokemon. I spent countless hours watching the television show and playing the Gameboy game. When the first movie was released, I managed to convince my mom to let me have a day off school and be the first person to see the movie. I had so much Pokemon merch it was unbelievable and I am absolutely gutted that I did not hold on to most of it. Unfortunately, as a child I had no idea that Pokemon would stand the test of time. Luckily I managed to find this talking Charmander toy at a toy fair.

I don’t know about you but Charmander was always my Pokemon of choice for my starter Pokemon. Charmander is incredibly cute and is the perfect choice for all the Caterpi and Rattata along the beginning of Ash’s journey.


Interactive Talking Charmander toy

✧ This Interactive Talking Charmander toy is an official Nintendo toy made by Tomy in 1998.

✧ Charmander is voice activated.

✧ The flame on Charmander’s tail lights up when Charmander talks.

✧ As you can see, Charmander looks exactly as he does in the television show. Although he may not be to scale at only 3.5 inches tall, he looks very accurate to the television show.

✧ There is a on/off switch on the bottom of the toy.


Toy Collectors

For the Pokemon fans, this Interactive Talking Charmander toy is perfect for your collection. He is cute, small, retro, and very easy to display. Even if you’re not a toy collector, if you play Pokemon games, this would make for an excellent desktop pal. You can keep him on your game table or computer table and turn him on when you feel like you need a friend 🙂

For the Little Ones

This Interactive Talking Charmander toy is not just for the geeky Pokemon collector. I think this toy makes for an excellent toy for the little ones who learned all about Pokemon from Pokemon Go. He’s small but not too small, he lights up, and he talks!

Where can I get Charmander?

As this is an older toy, the best place to look would be eBay. At the time of this post, there are quite a few floating around for a very reasonable price of £7.00. I would definitely pay no more than £10 for this toy.

Considering that this toy is approaching 20 years of age, it is an incredibly well made toy by Nintendo. It is absolutely adorable and it looks and sounds exactly like the Charmander we all know and love. For someone who is feeling nostalgic about watching/playing Pokemon when they were younger, this would be an amazing treat. Even if you’re not a toy collector, this would make for an excellent desktop pal 🙂

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