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Kinder Surprise Egg Minions Toys

Everybody loves getting surprise toys from Kinder Surprise Eggs and everybody loves the Minions from Despicable Me, so when the two worlds collided it comes to no surprise that the Kinder Surprise Eggs with Minion toys have been very well received.

I‘ve been eating Kinder Surprise Eggs since I was a little kid and while it’s always fun to get a surprise toy with your chocolate, I have been really pleased that lately Kinder Surprise has been making surprise toys of characters from movies we all know and love rather than making random toys. I think making toys of characters people know and love makes them far more collectible. I never really went out of my way to collect all the normal Kinder Surprise toys because I didn’t have a strong attachment to the toys themselves and it would be a never-ending collection. However, I really like the idea of collecting certain sets of Kinder Surprise toys to add to existing collections, like my Minion collection.

Kinder Surprise Egg Minion toys full collection

As we learned in the Minions movie, Minions have been on this planet far longer than us humans. This Minion collection represents the timeline of the Minions’ journey from 2000000 B.C. and consists of 9 different toys to collect.

2000000 B.C. Minion

2000000 BC Kinder Surprise Minion Toy, green minion, kinder surprise toys, island minion


This is a Minion from 2000000 B.C., where the Minions first appeared out of the sea and found their first boss, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We’re not exactly sure who this Minion is, as it could be Dave, Paul, or Mike. What we do know is that it’s not Norbert because Norbert was the idiot who didn’t even have a grass skirt on and opted for a stylish starfish instead :p This toy came in two pieces, the minion itself and the “stone” base. The minion is wearing a green grass skirt and green eye band and is whistling some sort of evil boss call. The Minion slots right into the base and is perfect for display.


3500 B.C

3500 BC Minion


This is a Minion from the Stone Age where the Minions found a much shorter and hairer boss – the human, hehe. This Minion is holding a club, not a “piñata” like the one the Minions gave to the human to fight the bear, which would probably explain why he made it through the Stone Age and his human boss didn’t. This little Minion has a bone on his head, some orange bottoms and a club that is attached to his hand. He also slots right into the “rock” base and is perfect for display.



Unfortunately an Ancient Egyptian Minion was not included in this collection 🙁

 1400 B.C.

 Dracula Minion, Kinder Surprise Minion, 1400 BC minion, vampire minion toy


Next we have a Minion from the Dark Ages dressed in his Dracula Suit. It looks like he still has his boss as he’s not bright yellow, which means he must be partying all night long. This minion has a red blood coloured rectangular base, which he slots into perfectly for display.



1600 B.C.

Pirate Minion toy, Kinder surprise pirate minion toy, 1600 BC minion toyThis is a pirate Minion, which is strange because we did not see the pirate phase of the Minion’s history in the movie. I think it’s a bit odd that the Ancient Egyptian Minion was excluded from the collection, yet a Minion that wasn’t in the movie was included. Maybe that’s the fun of this collection, we got some Kinder Surprise exclusive information about the Minions past 😛 This minion has a red bandana on his head, some grey bottoms, and stands on a yellow base that is a pile of golden treasure. This minion is a little bit different to the others in this collection as he has a sword attached to this hand with an anchor hanging off of it. He comes with three paper “hooks” with images of a chest, jewels, and coins for his treasures. I think it would have been better if a little treasures was just attached to his plastic hook as you can really display these treasures when he’s standing on display as the treasures are almost as big as the Minion itself. I think the Minion looks fine on his own without the paper add-ons and I have displayed him as he comes.

1800 B.C.

Napoleon Minion, battle minion toy, kinder surprise minion toy


This is a Minion who served Napoleon and is all dressed and ready for battle. This Minion’s base is a cloud of smoke, which I imagine came from the canon he fired that had a little bit of a mishap and led to Napoleon’s demise. This minion is the largest and bulkiest Minion in this collection as the helmet is almost as big as the Minion itself, but it is absolutely adorable.




1960 Minions:  


 King bob toy, King bob kinder surprise minion toy

Of course this Collection needed a Bob, who went on the mission with Kevin because of his energy and….lack of volunteers. Bob snaps onto a large orange spring base that actually springs up and down when you push on it and is wearing his crown for his service as a noble King for all of 8 hours 😛





Stuart minion toy, stuart kinder surprise toy, stuart guitar toy


This Stuart toy is probably my favourite Minion toy in this collection. Stuart loves a crowd and ended up on this mission without even realising what he was signing up for, he just loved the cheers. This Kinder Surprise Stuart has his “supa mega ukulele” that he was awarded by the Queen and snaps into a blue record player base. What’s great about this toy is that since he loves Rock and Roll so much, his eye is a googly eye that rocks and rolls as well!




kevin minion toy, kevin kinder surprise toy


Last, but definitely not least, is Kevin, who was responsible for coming up with the plan to leave the cave, find the biggest, baddest villain to serve, and save the other Minions! This Kinder Surprise Kevin slots into a clear lava base and is holding his Lava Lamp Gun that Herb gave him to save the day (too bad Herb didn’t know this would lead to his demise). This Kevin toy is probably post knighting as he has a stance that says “That’s right, I’m SIR Kevin” 😛




Kinder surprise minion keychain 

Oddly enough, the last toy is not on the collection sheet and is not actually a toy like the others. It is a little flat plastic Minion keychain that you can hook to your keys or backpack. Although it doesn’t add a whole lot to the actual toy collection, I think this is a nice little addition because it stays true to the king of things you usually find in Kinder Surprise eggs with a Minion twist.




As I said, I think that it’s really nice that Kinder Surprise is creating little collections of toys for movies we all know and love and creating these mini collections to collect and keep. If you’re a Minion fan, I definitely think this is a nice, affordable collection to have. Considering they are toys coming out of a chocolate egg, they are incredibly detailed and well done. You can’t really ask for much more. I have happily included this in my Minions and Despicable Me collection and I look forward to the next Kinder Surprise collection so I can buy some more chocolate!


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