Rita Skeeter Funko Mystery Mini Figure

The Rita Skeeter Mystery Mini figure was released in 2018 in the Harry Potter Mystery Mini Series 3 set by Funko. Each case of the Harry Potter Series 3 Mystery Minis contains 12 sealed blind boxes. Each blind box contains a sealed bag with one Mystery Mini figure.

Series 3 of the Harry Potter Mystery Minis includes 12 figures, some more rare than others. The Series 3 set is one of the more exciting sets as it features characters for which there is less merchandise available (e.g., Victor Krum, Cedric, Rita Skeeter, etc.). It’s great to see the 4 Triwizard Champions are all common figures so it should be relatively easy to obtain the Triwizard Champion set. The bad news is there are still figures with a rarity of 1/36  and these will be very difficult to find without getting a lot of doubles. The characters included in this series are: –

  • Harry Potter (1/6)
  • Cedric Diggory (1/6)
  • Fleur Delacour (1/6)
  • Viktor Krum (1/6)
  • Argus Filch (1/24)
  • Mrs Norris (1/12)
  • Draco Malfoy (1/36)
  • Vincent Crabbe (1/6)
  • Gregory Goyle (1/36)
  • “Mad-Eye” Moody (1/12)
  • Rita Skeeter (1/24)
  • Dolores Umbridge (1/36)

The Rita Skeeter Mystery Mini is 3 inches in height and is very well made with a lot of detail. She is one of the rarer figures – 1 in every 24 figures. 

A Closer Look

The sculpt of the glasses is very well done and makes the figure stand out. The glasses are not just painted on, they are a three-dimensional sculpted piece attached at the ears and painted with a striped pattern as we see in the movie. Also, the chains which would be attached to the glasses are sculpted on to Rita’s face, stretching down from her glasses to her neck in a dark bronze colour. Behind the chains are Rita’s round green earrings which match her outfit.

There is a happy expression on Rita’s face with a little mischievous grin in bright red lipstick. She also has very tight blonde curls on her head which are very well sculpted. It’s unfortunate because whilst the design of the hair is very well done, there are imperfections such as little holes, scratches, cracks, and even a small gap between the head and hair piece. Funko figures are mass produced so such imperfections are common and inevitable.

Rita Skeeter’s Outfit

Rita Skeeter’s outfit is very well done and quite movie accurate. She is wearing a green coat and green skirt with purple buttons and purple fur on her collar and cuffs. The green is not exactly movie accurate as her outfit looked like it was silk in the movie, but it is a very bright green that works and makes the figure pop. Lastly, she has some dark grey tights and purple shoes. My only complaint is that I wish they had attached a green Quick-Quotes quill in her hand, even if it was just a tiny one, to complete the outfit and persona of the character.

Finding Rita Skeeter for your Collection

Rita Skeeter is one of the rarer figures but there should be one in every two cases. Even so, you would need to spend a considerable amount of money on doubles just to find this one figure. The better alternative is to look for the figure on eBay. At the time of this post, it is readily available on eBay with prices ranging from £5 to over £20. It is also worth looking at the bundles of mystery minis available for purchase on eBay as this can be the better deal and there are some including the Rita Skeeter figure.

Geekkie Opinion

Overall, I am impressed with this Rita Skeeter Mystery Mini figure and I am very happy to have it in my Harry Potter collection. It is well made and it stands out as there isn’t much Rita Skeeter merchandise on the market compared to merchandise for other characters. If you are a Harry Potter collector, I do recommend getting this figure for your collection if you can find it for a reasonable price. 

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