Peach Amiibo

Super Mario Peach Amiibo

I’ve always been a Nintendo girl and I will always be a Nintendo girl. Although Yoshi is always my character of choice in any game, Peach was always to my go-to character when I was a little girl. This goes hand-in-hand with my love for Disney because I always wanted to be a princess.

Now there are two different Peach Amiibos to choose from, the Super Mario Peach Amiibo or the Super Smash Bros Peach Amiibo. Both Peach Amiibos look great and it all comes down to personal preference.


The Super Mario Peach Amiibo looks like the classic Peach we all know and love. She’s larger, more vibrant, and looks very much like the peach we see in the Mario Party games. I used to play Mario Party almost every weekend when I was a kid. The Super Smash Bros Peach’s dress is far more detailed and intricate. It’s not just pink, it has layers with gold detailing and white lace. The Super Smash Bros Peach is in a dancing position and is posed as if she is offering you her hand.

I chose the classic Super Mario Peach Amiibo because it looks like the classic Peach I grew up with and looks more like a toy than a gaming collectible. I also don’t take my Amiibos out of the box and I thought this Peach was perfect for display amongst my other Nintendo collectibles. The box is beautifully done with a big image of peach on the right side of the box and a big “Peach” label running vertically on the left side of the box.

Collectors and Little Ones

This classic Peach Amiibo is great for anyone, young or old. It looks like a toy rather than a gaming collectible, which is great for the little ones. It’s also great for nostalgic gamers because Peach looks exactly like the classic Peach we all know and love.

Amiibos are very collectible and there’s no telling what they will be worth in the future, if anything. I always say you should buy toys and figures because you love them, not because of what they may be worth in the future.

If you’re collecting all the Mario character Amiibos, I highly reccomend investing in the Super Mario ‘End Level’ Amiibo stand. It is an incredibly cute way to display your Amiibos and the stand itself is very affordable and readily available.

Where can I get Peach?

Luckily this Amiibo is common and very easy to find. You can find it in most game stores such as EB Games and Game and most toys stores with electronic departments such as Toys R Us, Walmart, and Smyths. This Amiibo is also readily available online on Amazong and eBay.

If you love Peach, there is no doubt that you will love this Amiibo. This Amiibo would be great fun for Super Mario and Mario Party 10, or to display in your toy collection or game room

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