Ursula as Vanessa Vanity Christmas Ornament

Ursula as Vanessa Christmas Ornament

Halloween and Christmas are fast approaching and it’s time for all of us to embrace our inner villains!

Every year everyone starts preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier, and this year it seems like Christmas hit before summer was even over. As much as I love Christmas, it feels a little disturbing to prepare for Christmas before October even starts, but at the same time you don’t want to miss out on all the good merchandise and deals before stock runs out.

At the beginning of September there were a lot of people posting images of the Disney Store Sketchbook Ornament Collection ornaments on Instagram and I must admit they all look absolutely adorable. The good news is that the ornaments are still available on the Disney Store website so you don’t necessarily have to purchase the ornaments from your local Disney Store. Unfortunately not all Disney Stores carry the ornaments.

I was in London one weekend and went to the Disney Store on Oxford Street, which tends to stock more new items than other Disney Stores across the UK. I spotted the Sketchbook Ornament Collection ornaments and there were so many adorable Disney ornaments that it was nearly impossible to narrow down which ornaments I wanted. I wanted to bring home every single one of them. It was still September when I spotted these and it just felt a bit too early to go all out on Christmas decorations so I decided to buy only two ornaments that I really loved and would display in my collection all year long.

The two ornaments that I decided to get were the Beauty and the Beast Bell Jar (see here for full review here: http://bit.ly/2eoEmEA) and this amazing Ursula as Vanessa ornament.

Disney Store Ursula as Vanessa Vanity ornamentThe concept of this ornament is absolutely fantastic and it comes to no surprise that so many Disney fans snagged this ornament as soon as it was released. This ornament features Ursula in her disguised form of Vanessa with Ariel’s voice. It depicts an epic scene in the Little Mermaid where Scuttle discovers Vanessa’s true identity and tries to warn Ariel before the sun sets on the third day.

This ornament is made of resin and is quite heavy for a christmas ornament, but that’s because it is full of awesome. The ornament is a large orange coloured vanity table with Vanessa standing on top pulling the mirror back in place, revealing her true identity as Ursula the sea witch. The mirror is a lenticular mirror (the material you get on 3-D posters which makes a funny noise when you scratch it) so depending on the angle, you will either see a plain mirror or Ursula looking back at you.

The detailing of the vanity table is absolutely fantastic from the top of the mirror, which has a very detailed boy’s head on it to the bottom of the vanity, which has gold finishing and little accessories, including a candle, hairbrush, jewellery, and a jewelry box. Even the back of the mirror has lots of sculpting detail which is very impressive. Vanessa herself is also very well done and includes little details like the gold shell necklace and shading detail in the creases of her dress.

While these Sketchbook Ornaments are on the pricey side, I think they are so fantastically made and they are definitely worth the money.  This ornament was £11.99 in the UK, which is approximately US $15.00. What I love most about this ornament is that it is not Christmas themed so it can be displayed all-year round. The ornament does have a purple hanging ribbon attached to the side of Vanessa’s head with a gold charm labelled “Disney Store” and “2016” on the back, but the ribbon could be removed. Luckily the ribbon is attached on the side of Vanessa’s head facing the mirror so it’s not too obvious that there is a charm attached to her head. I think the best approach in deciding which ornaments to buy if you do decide to get some is to pick your all-time favourites first, and if you’re a collector like myself, choose ornaments that you would happily have out on display all year <3

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