LEGO Disney Minifigures complete set

Disney LEGO Minifigures

I don’t have to tell you how many people love both Disney and Lego, so when the two worlds collided into the LEGO Disney Minifigures series it comes to no surprise that it was an incredible success. I could not wait to get my hands on these figures and every time I went into a store looking for them, there was at least one person standing by the figures feeling out every single one looking for that last figure. This is definitely LEGO’s most popular series thus far.

This series is a little different to previous series because it has 18 Minifigures to collect rather than the usual 16 Minifigures. I imagine this is because there are so many loveable characters to choose from and they just could not narrow it down. Some of the characters were obvious choices, while some were a little surprising considering the choices available. Of course everyone has different favourites in the world of Disney so it was going to be an impossible task pleasing everyone. The set includes: Stitch, Alien, Buzz Lightyear, Aladdin, Genie, Maleficent, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Daisy, Donald, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Mr Incredible, Syndrome, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Ursula, and Ariel. As usual, the figures are packed in a blind bag and there is one figure in each bag. Some figures are easier to feel out than others, but there will definitely be some trial and error involved. Hunting down the figures is half the fun and it is definitely worth the effort!

Stitch Lego Figure

The Stitch Minifigure is incredibly well done and I think a very good choice for the collection. Because Stitch’s head is custom moulded, he looks very accurate to the movie. The ears particularly look fantastic. Stitch’s legs are slightly shorter than normal Minifigures which I think is a really nice touch because he was a very small creature. While some Minifigures in this series come with an accessory or two, Stitch does not have any accessories. This makes Stitch a little easier to feel out in the bag because all you have to feel for are his ears, which are a very distinct shape. When you feel like you have the right figure, just do a quick check to make sure you do not feel any accessories floating around in the bag.





Alien LEGO Disney MinifigureThe Alien Minifigure is one of my favourite figures in this collection and it was definitely a fantastic choice for this collection. The Alien minifigure, like Stitch, also looks very accurate to the aliens in the Toy Story movies because of its custom moulded head. The antenna on his head is adorable and is really helpful when you’re looking for this little guy. The figure is very detailed and even has the Pizza Planet logo painted on his outfit as well as his purple belt. This figure is one of the easiest figures to feel out in the bag because all you have to do is look out for the antenna on its head with the little ball on top. Although the Alien is one of the easiest figures to feel in the bag, this is the one figure that I deliberately sought doubles. I think you can’t have too many of these aliens because they look so cute together and there were plenty of aliens in the Toy Story movie, so having multiples remains true to the movie 🙂



Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear LEGO Disney MinifigureThe Buzz Lightyear Minifigure is yet another amazing addition to this collection with some amazing pieces. This Minifigure has a classic LEGO head piece, which was a little surprising because Buzz Lightyear figures have been created in the past for Toy Story LEGO sets. I think having a classic LEGO head piece is a nice touch as the focus is on the fact that it is part of a Minifigure set rather than a Toy Story set. Although Buzz’s head is in the shape of a normal LEGO head piece, Buzz still has some very distinct pieces. He has a clear helmet piece that comes up to the top of his head so that his face is not covered. He also comes with an armour piece that goes over the body piece as well as two wing pieces. The armour piece is very detailed and all the buttons and colouring are very accurate to the movie. Surprisingly enough, Buzz is not an easy figure to feel out in the bag. You would think the wings and helmet would give him away but he has so many separate pieces that they are not that easy to recognize.




Aladdin LEGO Disney Minifigure Aladdin is a classic Disney character and it comes to surprise that he was included in this set. This Minifigure looks more like the classic Minifigures but that is not a negative aspect at all as he looks great. He has his “street rat” clothing on with details such as the small patch on his right leg. I think his hairpiece looks amazing and the attached fez is absolutely perfect. Aladdin does come with a golden genie lamp accessory, which of course was the obvious accessory. Because Aladdin is more like the traditional LEGO Minifigures, he is very difficult to feel out in the bag. He is fairly common so you should come across one fairly easily. I do wish they included Abu as his accessory, but I’m guessing Abu wasn’t included with Aladdin because there were already too many figures in this collection. Even without Abu, this Minifigure is fantastic.




Genie LEGO Disney MinifigureGenie is another classic Disney character that is an excellent choice for this series and I think he is generally well made. I absolutely love the shape of his “tail”/lower half because it is exactly how you would imagine it to be before seeing the figure. His bottom piece is a lot darker than his chest piece, which would have been accurate if he had legs because his pants were always darker in the movie, but because he is still bound to his lamp, his bottom half should be lighter and a little translucent. We know he is still bound to the lamp because there are golden cuffs around his wrists. While a translucent bottom piece is not necessary, I do wish the colour of both pieces were the same. Genie has a traditional LEGO head piece, with an additional piece that goes on his head to extend his ears and add a hair piece to make him look more accurate to the movie. While I do like the addition of the head piece, I think it would have looked a little nicer to have a moulded head piece like many of the other characters in this series. Despite these minor problems, I think this Minifigure is still well done and makes a great addition to this set. Finding the Genie in the bag is not as easy as you would imagine as he has multiple pieces, including his lamp accessory. if you can manage to find the tail piece and confirm with the little hair piece that attached to his head, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding this figure.



Maleficient LEGO Disney MinifigureMaleficent is a classic Disney villain and a great choice for this collection. Now I’m not a huge fan of the classic Sleeping Beauty movie, but I absolutely adored Maleficent starring Angela Jolie (even though she’s not my favourite actress) and I now have a new love for the character. The Minifigure is very well made and has a lot of amazing pieces and features. The most distinctive piece is of course her horns. Now there seems to be some mixed opinions about her horns as they are made of a rubbery material. There are some that are not a fan of the material and were hoping her horn would be plastic but I personally really like the texture of her horns. It is a matte piece that does not shine and this contrasts beautifully with her face, which is a nice pale green colour. Another element that really makes this figure is her cape. The cape is comprised of two fabric pieces, which are black on one side and purple on the other side, which is a very nice detail. Maleficent’s bottom piece is also a thicker slanted piece rather than legs, which is great because it really gives her the right shape. This piece also makes Maleficent the easiest figure to find as this piece is very thick and easy to feel in the bag. Last, but not least, Maleficent accessory is her golden staff with a yellow jewel piece which attaches to the top.



Alice FigureAlice is yet another classic Disney character that is loved by so many and was an obvious choice for the series. Alice is another Minifigure in this series that looks more like the classic LEGO Minifigures with standard-sized legs and LEGO head piece. This is not to say that she does not look good or is not well made because I think she looks absolutely amazing and has the perfect accessories. Alice is wearing the blue and white dress that she wears in the movie and comes with a blonde hair piece with attached black hairband. Alice comes with two accessories, a clear blue bottle with a pink “Drink Me” label painted on and a round cake/macaroon piece. The blue bottle looks absolutely stunning as it is clear and a nice light blue. The “Drink Me” label printed is perfect because it looks just as it does in the movie. Alice is one of the harder characters to feel out in the bag, but the thing that gave her away when I was looking for her was the small round piece. She is the only character with a piece like this so if you can find this piece in the bag, you’ve found your Alice.



Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat LEGO Disney MinifigureOf course if there is an Alice, there must be a Cheshire Cat. This is probably my favourite Minifigure in the entire series. The custom moulded head piece and the vibrant pink colours are what make this Minifigure so stunning. The custom moulded headpiece is absolutely perfect because it was moulded to incorporate the Cheshire Cat’s big crazy grin. He has a big smirk on his face with eyes wide open and I am very pleased that his eyes are a yellow colour just as they are in the movie because this small detail is what makes the figure look so accurate to the movie. Of course he also has his pink stripes all across his body. While the Cheshire Cat does not have any accessories, he does come with a rubbery pink tail piece. The Cheshire Cat is one of the more difficult characters to feel out in the bag and it is the rubbery tail piece that will be your saviour as the Cheshire Cat is the only Minifigure with a soft rubbery piece.



Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck LEGO Disney MinifigureNow of course Daisy Duck is a classic Disney character who forms the Mickey gang, but I was surprised she was included in this set. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would disagree with me, but I don’t think Daisy was the best choice for this set as there were so many alternative choices. There are so many beloved Disney characters to choose from, and even if we’re sticking to the Mickey gang, I think Goofy or Pluto would have been a much better choice. While Daisy’s inclusion in this series is debatable, the figure itself is really well made. Daisy has a custom-moulded head and comes with a pink bow accessory. She is a little difficult to feel out in the bag, but the main thing you need to look for is her bow. Once you find the bow, just make sure you can feel a beak rather than Minnie’s head. This is a little easier said than done.




Donald Duck

Donald Duck LEGO Disney MinifigureDonald Duck is another classic Disney character who formed the Mickey gang. It’s not as surprising to have Donald as part of the series because he was a very beloved character back in the day who brought many laughs. I would have preferred to see a different character as Donald wasn’t my favourite character growing up, but I do understand why he was included in the series and I do think he adds to the set as a classic character. Donald’s custom-moulded head is exactly the same as Daisy’s but of course the paint details are different. Donald comes with a blue hat accessory which is very difficult to distinguish in the bag. Donald was probably the most difficult to feel out in the bag as there is nothing too distinctive other than his beak, but this can be easily confused with the head and facial features of other characters in this series.




Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse LEGO Disney MinifigureIt comes to absolutely no surprise at all that Mickey Mouse, the face of Disney, was included in this set. Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s baby and he definitely belongs in this series. Mickey’s head is a custom-moulded head piece and he is wearing his classic red shorts. Mickey comes with no accessories and was kept very simple. I think it’s very good that Mickey’s portrayed in his classic look because he is the most classic and iconic Disney character and should be represented as such. There is a small hole on the top of his head so you may add your own accessories and make him your own. Finding the Mickey figure isn’t too bad as you just have to feel for the Mickey ears. While you may have a Minnie Mouse in your hands, you just have to make sure there are no other pieces than the usual body piece and the legs piece.




Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse FigureWhere there is a Mickey, there of course needs to be a Minnie Mouse. Minnie’s head is the same custom-moulded head as Mickey’s with some slight paint variations. Mickey is wearing her classic polka dot dress and comes with a polka dot accessory bow. Her skirt is a separate piece and it can be a little difficult to put on the body piece after putting on the skirt piece. I thought there may just have been something faulty with my figure, but I found this was the case with my Minnie Mouse doubles as well. It’s a little finicky but nothing major at all. The only issue I have with this figure is that I do wish her outfit was her classic red dress rather than a pink dress as the red dress would have been consistent with Mickey’s classic look. Minnie Mouse is one of the easier figures to feel out in the bag because you just have to feel for the Mickey ears and the accompanying bow.



Mr Incredible

Mr Incredible LEGO Disney MinifigureI think the addition of Mr Incredible in this series is really debatable. There are plenty of people who love The Incredibles and I think it’s great another set of Pixar characters were included in the series, however arguably The Incredibles wasn’t the most popular movie compared to some of the other Pixar movies. For me this isn’t a favourite but again, I am happy to see some more Pixar Characters. Mr Incredible has a classic LEGO head piece and is wearing his red and black bodysuit. He also comes with a ‘Doing our Part’ printed tile accessory. The tile makes Mr Incredible a lot easier to find, but the problem is Syndrome also has a tile accessory so you will have to feel out for less pointy hair, which is not the easiest thing to do when you’re feeling a blind bag.





Syndrome LEGO Disney MinifigureAgain, I think the addition of Syndrome is a bit debatable, but it is nice to see another Pixar character included. Even though Im not a huge fan of Syndrome, I can appreciate the Minifigure and its level of detail. Syndrome has a classic LEGO head piece, but he also comes with a separate spiky hair piece that is really well done. He is also wearing his bodysuit with ‘S’ printed across his body. Syndrome, like Mr Incredible, also comes with a printed tile accessory of a blueprint for his Omnidroid. Finding this figure is a little easier because you just have to feel for the tile accessory and then feel for a really point head piece.




Peter Pan

Peter PanConsidering the success of this LEGO Minifigures Series, I think Peter Pan is a perfect addition to this series. Peter Pan would be very proud of us all embracing our inner child by collecting these Minifigures and just having some fun. While Peter Pan may not be everyone’s favourite character, I think the Minifigure is really well done. Peter Pan looks more like a classic LEGO Minifugre compared to some of the other Minifigures in this series, but his accessories really make this figure. While Peter Pan’s head is a normal LEGO head piece, he also comes with another head piece with his hair, pointy ears, hat, and red feather. I think the headpiece is really well done and is what brings this Minifigure to life. Peter Pan also comes with two gold daggers as his accessories. They are not silver like they appear on the checklist, which is a little strange but I prefer the gold daggers so it is a nice surprise. I know many people who have been looking for the Peter Pan figure but I think Peter Pan is another figure that is relatively easy to feel out in the bag. All you have to do is feel for that pointy piece that is hallow underneath and then you’ll know you’ve found Peter Pan.



Captain Hook

Captain Hook MinifigureWith Peter Pan included in this series, Captain Hook was an obvious accompaniment. I think the Minifigure is actually beautifully done, but I don’t think Captain Hook was the best choice for this set. Again this is very arguable, but I don’t think he’s a very lovable villain. On the other hand, I don’t particularly think Tinkerbell would have been a great choice either. I think Peter Pan would have been better as a stand alone figure like Stitch and Maleficent. The Captain Hook Minifigure itself is great and very detailed. Captain Hook has a classic LEGO piece but he also comes with a very large hair and hat piece with attached feather. In addition to his long hair and gigantic hat, Captain hook comes with a Gold sword accessory and his left arm has an attached hook that rotates all the way around. Finding Captain Hook may be a bit of a challenge, but the main things to look out for are his sword and his very large, curved hat piece. You might want to try and feel out for his hook hand, but it may not be as easy to feet out as you think because there are a lot of large pieces in the bag.




Ursula MinifigureUrsula is one of my favourite Disney villains and I was absolutely ecstatic that she was included in this series. Not only is it fantastic news that she was included in the series, but the figure itself is absolutely stunning. This is a very large Minifigure and her bottom tentacle piece was beautifully moulded. Her bottom piece has her tentacles wrapping around in all different directions and even incorporates her big belly, which sticks out. Ursula’s colouring was really well done and she even comes with a white hair piece with a silver streak on the side. Ursula’s accessory is of course her golden trident and she even has her shell necklace with Ariel’s voice hidden inside painted around her neck. Luckily finding Ursula in a blind bag is incredibly easy because her tentacle piece is so large and distinct that it is incredibly easy to feel out, yay! This is another Minifigure where I am happy to have multiples because I love it so much 🙂




Ariel LEGO Disney MinifigureNow if there an Ursula, there has to be an Ariel Minifigure close by! Ariel is a beloved Disney princess, along with the whole Under the Sea gang, and I think a great choice for this collection. This minifigure has some very distinct pieces such as her hairpiece and her bottom tail piece. Ariel’s hairpiece is absolutely stunning and the styling is very accurate to the way her hair is styled in the movie. Her bottom piece of course includes a fin piece since she is still in her mermaid form. I think the piece is very well done, I only wish it as slightly thinner as Ariel looks quite chunky, but this is a very minor concern because she still looks great and very accurate to the movie. Ariel also comes with a shell accessory with a pink jewel inside. I do wish they picked a different accessory for Ariel. I think having a little Flounder piece or even a dinglehopper would have made a lot more sense. The Ariel Minifigure however is absolutely stunning. Luckily because she has so many pieces, she is a little easier to feel out in the bag, You just need to feel for that very distinct hairpiece, and if you cannot recognize that, feel for the tail or even the little jewel. If you’re relying on the little jewel, just make sure it’s not a perfect circle because you may be mistaking it for Alice’s little cake accessory.


Now I think it goes without saying that this Lego Minifigures was incredibly well done and will continue to be a huge success. Whether you’re young or old, love Disney or Lego, this collection is an absolute must have. This series includes so many beloved characters and the Minifigures are absolutely stunning. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, I am sure that we will see another Disney series in the future. There are so many characters to choose from and I don’t even think I could narrow down another 18. LEGO will just have to release more and more series 😉 I hope you are all successful in your hunts and find the whole collection. Which characters would you pick for another Disney series?

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