Simba Face Cushion Disney Store

Simba Face Cushion

Lion King is my all-time favourite Disney movie and it saddens me that we no longer see a lot of Lion King merchandise anymore. Lately it has been all about the Lion Guard, but this is slightly too young for the 90s collectors.The second I saw this Simba face cushion, I knew I had to have him. Simba’s face looks exactly as it does in the movie and it is super soft too!

The Disney Store currently has a line of Big Face cushions of many lovable classic characters. These include characters such as Simba, Dumbo, Cheshire Date, Lotso, and many more. For all the Tsum Tsum lovers, there are Tsum Tsum style face cushions as well. These cushions often go on sale so keep your eye out for an offer!


✧ Width from ear to ear: approx 22 inches; Height: approx 16 inches.

✧ The cushion is made from polyester. It is incredibly soft and fluffy.

✧ Simba has a little tuft on the top of his head. You’ve never seen a king or beast with quite so little hair 😛

✧ Embroidered features such as the eyes, mouth lines, and nostrils.

The Disney Store website describes the nose and ears as 3D. The nose does stick outwards and the top of the ears folded     downwards. I think these “3D” elements are what makes Simba look so movie accurate.

✧  You can personalise this cushion for FREE via the Disney Store website.

Disney and Toy Collectors

This cushion is clearly not a rare prop or even a collector’s item. However, if you’re a Lion King fan and have a display of toys in your home, this cushion would be an excellent addition to the sofa or chair by your prized collection! Simba may not be rare or valuable, but he is very movie accurate and absolutely adorable.

For the Little Ones

If your little one enjoyed Lion King, this Simba face cushion is absolutely perfect for any child’s bedroom or nursery. This face cushion is suitable for all children 12 months or older. Simba is happy, cute, and cuddly and would make for an excellent bedtime pal. 

Where can you find this Simba Face Cushion?

You can find this Simba in your local Disney Store or on the Disney Store Website. If you have no luck with the Disney Store, this cushion is readily available on both eBay and Amazon. 

Disney Store UK: Link here

At the time of this post, the cushion is unavailable on the US Disney Store website.

eBay: Link here

I have seen some very high prices on both eBay and Amazon as these cushions are slowly disappearing. I purchased mine from the Disney Store for £10. Please do not pay significantly more than this as it is simply not worth overpaying to a private seller who is clearly trying to make a profit above retail value. I firmly believe fans should not be taken advantage of and if you really want this cushion, be patient and you will find it 🙂 

Should you purchase this Simba Face Cushion?

If you’re a Lion King fan and you find this cushion for a reasonable price, I reccomend picking it up. He is an excellent piece for your toy collection or a new great bedtime pal for your little one. If you can’t get your hands on this cushion, worry not because the announcement of the new live action Lion King means more Lion Kind merchandise coming our way! While I remain skeptical about remaking a classic, I look forward to the adorable new merchandise!

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