WALL-E Concept Art mug

WALL-E Concept Art Mug

The story of WALL-E was a long journey beginning with Andrew Stanton and his fellow writers conceptualising the story back in 1994 but not beginning development until 2003. WALL-E is a very unique story that is told visually rather than with words. Therefore the look and concept of the character was obviously very crucial to the film.

Over the years the Disney Store has released numerous concept art mugs, but this WALL-E mug definitely stands out. Since WALL-E is so heavily dependant visuals and the art of animation, this mug is truly special as it features artwork inspired by original character sketches. The mug looks fantastic and looks like a mug that would be sitting on a Pixar animator’s desk.


✧ This is a stoneware mug.

✧ The mug measures approximately 4.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter.

✧ The handle and interior is a mustard yellow colour.

✧ The exterior is a grey colour featuring artwork based on original character sketches.

✧ There is an authentic Disney Store stamp on the bottom of the mug.

✧ This mug is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Wall-e concept art mug sketch mugWall-e concept art mug sketch mugWall-e concept art mug sketch mug

Collector’s Piece?

While this mug is obviously for drinks, it is definitely a collector’s piece too. It features some amazing artwork and can be a stand alone piece, a holder for your pens and pencils, or even a little plant pot! Of course you can go back to basics and have the cutest mug at home or at work.

Where can I get this mug?

This mug was available in the Disney Store in the UK and on the UK Disney Store website, however at the time of this post, it is out of stock. It was also available in the Disney parks.

I checked on eBay and there are many mugs available for a fair price so if you’re on the hunt for one of these mugs, just keep searching.

This WALL-E mug is a must-have for any WALL-E fan or Pixar fan in general. It can be used at home, at work, as a mug, display piece, or even a planter. Keep your eyes peeled for other concept art mugs in your local Disney Store. All the mugs in this line are absolutely adorable. If you would like to see any other concept art mugs or would like to share your mug, please comment below!

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