The Official Pokemon Collector’s Sticker Book

The release of Pokemon Go has just been heaven on earth for nostalgic nerds like myself. I absolutely loved playing Pokemon on my Game Boy and to now be able to go out into the real world to catch and battle Pokemon has just taken things to a whole new level.

While digging through some of my old things when I went to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago, I managed to find my old Official Pokemon Collector’s Sticker Book! I just thought, “What better time than now to bring this gem out and complete my Pokemon hunting journey?” Ignoring the fact that I already matched all the stickers to the Pokemon’s names even though I didn’t catch them all and that there are Pokemon Snap stickers on the front cover, this book is in pretty good shape. Like it says in this lovely image that has been going around, kids don’t change, they just evolve 🙂



The Official Pokemon Collector’s Sticker Book is basically a hard copy of your Pokedex in which you can diarise your Pokemon collecting journey. The books lists contains all 150 of the first generation Pokemon and like your Pokedex in Pokemon Go, each Pokemon will have a silhouette of the Pokemon next to it’s name. There are 150 stickers, one for each Pokemon, and when you catch a new Pokemon you have the joy of putting the sticker onto that Pokemon’s silhouette and “registering ” that Pokemon into your Pokedex. Once you have “registered” your Pokemon, you can fill in information about your new Pokemon friend such as its name, the date you got it, how you caught it, where you caught, the different Pokemon it has battled against, why you like your Pokemon, and the date your Pokemon evolved.

This is what I had to say about my starter Bulbasaur back in 1999:

Bulbasaur Entry

I think this book works for both the nostalgic Pokemon trainer who wants to complete their original Pokemon journey if they didn’t manage to catch them all as a child as well as the new fans of the Pokemon world. While this book may not be available in your local bookstore, there are a few copies on amazon and plenty of copies floating around on eBay. For those who are new to the world of Pokemon collecting, I think this would make for a really nice keepsake. I was so happy to find my copy as it instantly took me down memory lane. I will definitely be completing my personalised Pokedex, which will continue to evolve with me <3


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