Neca Coraline Authentic Movie Prop Replica Doll

Coraline Authentic Movie Prop Replica Doll

Hello Coraline…And…Coraline doll?…

Coraline is a movie I could watch over and over again and never get sick of it. I loved the book and loved the movie even more. Coraline is a movie that made it’s way into my top favourite movies of all time in no time at all.

It is often assumed that Coraline is a Tim Burton film, and although the movie does have a Tim Burton feel to it, Tim Burton had nothing to do with the film. It was Henry Selick, who directed Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach, who wrote and directed Coraline. This may explain why the movie feels so familiar and nostalgic. What makes Coraline so great is it’s creativity and uniqueness. It’s effectively a children’s horror film with an absolutely perfect balance of fun and creepiness.

I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Birmingham Comicon and the first purchase I made was this Limited Edition Coraline Authentic Movie Prop Replica made by Neca. There was absolutely no debate in my mind at all, once I saw the doll, I knew I had to have it.

Neca Coraline Authentic Movie Prop ReplicaThis Coraline doll is an authentic movie prop replica and is 10 inches tall. Just like the doll in the movie, the doll has blue hair, yellow swampers, a yellow raincoat, and most importantly, black buttons sewn on to her eyes.

The doll’s hair is made of actual yarn just like it was in the movie, and even has the same hairclip that is meant to be the dragonfly clip that Coraline wears in her hair.

I am incredibly impressed with the texture of the doll’s face because it looks exactly like it does in the movie. There is a long stitched line that runs across the doll’s face across the mouth and there are little lines drawn along the line to represent the stitching the doll would have had. The only minor complaint I have about the doll is that the little lines running vertically are drawn on rather than real thread lines, but this may be a blessing in disguise as the thread may tear over time and ruin the doll as it would have made it quite delicate.The eyes are absolutely amazing because they are actual black buttons and they are actually sewn onto the doll’s face with thread. Of course, this was the most important aspect that had to be completely accurate to the movie.

Coraline Outfit


The doll’s clothing is beautifully done. Although it’s not the same outfit as the outfit Coraline wears in the movie, the outfit is completely accurate to the doll’s outfit in the movie. What’s great is that the raincoat does have wiring in it so it can be posed any way you like. The doll itself also has poseable legs and arms so she can be posed any way you like.


This Coraline doll is so incredibly well made that it’s creepy. Luckily the box she comes in is pink with keys on the side and it looks absolutely lovely. I think she would look great displayed in the box and it also keeps things a little bit safer :P. If you enjoyed the movie and manage to spot one of these anywhere, I highly recommend it. The doll is quite readily available on eBay as well. This doll is definite must have for any Coraline fan out there!

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