Disney Series 2 Mystery Mini Funko vinyl figures Birmingham Comicon

Disney Series 2 Funko Mystery Minis

I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with Funko Mystery Minis, but of course my Love for Disney will always prevail. Don’t get me wrong, Funko Mystery Minis are always incredibly well done and are absolutely adorable, but when there aren’t equal odds for each figure and there are odds like 1/144, it gets very frustrating and unrealistic to get a complete collection without resorting to Ebay or Amazon.

Now I had been eyeing the Disney Funko Mystery Minis for quite some time and when I saw a vendor selling cases full of the Series 2 Disney Mystery Minis at the Birmingham Comicon, I decided that I had to give in and buy one case and begin my hunt.

Disney Series 2 Funko Mystery Minis Case

After opening all the boxes, I knew I had made the right decision. I only believe in completing a collection if I actually love and want every figure in the collection. What makes Series 2 so great is that the collection consists of characters from all my favourite Disney movies and I love every single figure in the collection.

There are 16 vinyl figures to collect in Series 2 and there are 11 figures with a 1/12 chance of finding the figure. These include Belle in her yellow gown, the angry Beast, the smiling Beast, Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the open-eyed smiling Simba, the smiling Pumba, the smirking Timon, the Wall-E touching his head, the happy Ralph, and the angry Ralph. The more rare figures include the singing Belle, the closed eyes smiling Simba, the kneeling Pumba, and the Wall-E looking upwards. This means that every case of 12 should contain the 11 characters that have odds of 1/12 and one figure that will either be a more rare figure or a double.

Rare Timon Funko Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure


In my case I got the 11 figures with odds of 1/12, and for my 12th figure, I was very fortunate to get the very rare smiling and kneeling Timon figure that has odds of 1/144. Yay! I was incredibly pleased because Lion King is my absolute favourite classic Disney movie and I could not have picked a better figure to open.


I am incredibly pleased with my collection and I think it is display worthy as it is now. The remaining figures that I need to complete my collection are the singing Belle, which is also very rare with chances of 1/144, the closed eyes smiling Simba, the kneeling Pumba, and the Wall-E looking upwards. Although I will be getting my toy hunt on to complete this particular set, I think each and every figure looks absolutely stunning and would look great as either a stand-alone figure, or as part of the collection.




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