Coraline Movie Art

Coraline Movie Art

Coraline is truly an amazingly unique movie that I could watch over and over again. It’s a children’s horror film with an absolutely perfect balance of fun and creepiness without being too scary. Coraline is an incredibly underrated movie and I think it’s an absolute shame that more Coraline merch isn’t available. This is why when I spot any sort of Coraline merchandise, I pick it up right away.

I spotted this piece of movie art when I visited Camden Marke and didn’t hesitate for a second before picking it up. I only wish a larger sized print was available because it is exactly what I need hanging on the wall in my toy room.


This piece is great because it displays Coraline, the Pink Palace, and all the major supporting characters to the story. We can see Wybie, The Cat, the Other Mother, Other Bobinsky, circus mice, Miss Spink, and Miss Forcible. I love this print is not just a movie poster. The art is more of a cartoon and is exactly what I was looking for for my toy room.

Where can I find this?

Unfortunately I have not been able to track down this exact print online. If you live in the London area, I found this print at Camden market. If you desperately need some Coraline artwork in your life , the best place to start is etsy or your local market. Markets are usually filled with traders selling movie posters and movie art. Be patient and be sure to rummage and look through every print they have.

If you haven’t already seen Coraline, watch it right now because it is an amazing movie. It’s fun, creepy, unique, and visually stunning!

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