Disney’s Animation Collection Interactive Flounder

Every Disney princess has a loyal sidekick, but I think Flounder was definitely the most loyal of all. Even though he was an anxious and nervous guppy, he was always up for an adventure and always selflessly supported Ariel’s dream to become a human, even if that meant he would be losing his best friend. I think we could all use a friend like that in our lives.

Since we can’t live in the world of Disney and have our own adventures in the sea with Flounder by our side, no matter how many times I daydream about it, the next best thing is this adorable Animation’s Collection Interactive Flounder. This is a Flounder plushie sold in the Disney store that not only talks, but responds to your voice!

Flounder is programmed to respond to your voice when you say the different sayings on the box, and his mouth and body will move when he talks as well. The box gives us 6 different sayings to try, but he definitely has more than 6 responses. To start the interactive mode, you just push the button on his fin, a very Disney-ish tone will play, and then you can start having a chat with Flounder J Unfortunately the box doesn’t actually tell us how many different sayings he has, but these are the sayings I’ve managed to get out of him:

Who’s your favourite mermaid?

“My favourite mermaid? Well besides Ariel, it’s you!”

“That’s easy,Ariel! Well…and you”

Come here!

“You know I can’t swim that fast”

“Okay! But there aren’t any sharks over there, right?”

“I’m trying, but the current is really strong”

Let’s Go!

“Hey, wait up!”

“Sure! Uhhh, where are we going?”

“Okay! I mean…as long as it’s not to the surface, or a scary shipwreck, or to see Ursula!”

“I’ll be right there!”

Are you having fun? 

“With you, how could I not have fun?” (awwww)

“Yeah! This is great! I really love this”

“Sure, this is cool!”

What do you want to do today?

“You’ll see, it’s a surprise”

“Whatever you want to do is great with me”

“Not get into trouble, that’s what!”

Ariel says you’re a guppy…

“I am not a Guppy!”

“That’s just cuz I’m really smart”

Some other sayings Flounder will say when you don’t say one of the suggested saying:

“I’ll be right there”

“Huh, did you say something?”

“What was that? Oh, it’s just you”

“It doesn’t sound familiar…how about something else?”

“I’m not sure…how about something else?”

(Sometimes he will just say one of the responses to the questions above)

So far, I have heard 22 different sayings from my Flounder, which I think is really good for an interactive toy. Obviously, I didn’t expect for Flounder to be able to understand every single thing I say to him and give me an appropriate response for $34.95, but I think it is a really nice touch that he will give different responses to the questions he’s programmed to recognize rather than the same response every single time. This is also true for the responses he will give when he doesn’t recognize or understand what you’re saying. I think the only thing that would have been a nice touch is if Flounder started shaking when you shouted at him so we could see the nervous and anxious guppy we all know and love.

Interactive Flounder Box

Overall, I think this Interactive Flounder was very well made and is great for everyone, young and old. Of course, little ones would love to see a talking Flounder and I also think that any Little Mermaid fan or Disney fan and/or collector would appreciate having this toy. I myself have chosen to keep my Flounder in the box because I think the box was very well made with sketches of Flounder all over it alongside sketches of a baby Ariel. I think it’s great that I can get the full of effect of Flounder’s interactive mode without being forced to take him out of the box. This Animation’s Collection Interactive Flounder can be purchased on the Disney Store website, so if you want to have an adorable, loyal Disney sidekick by your side, I highly recommend this one!



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  • nicole , 28th September 2016

    He also walks across the floor

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