Alice Through the Looking Glass Mad Hatter Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

Mad Hatter Funko Pop #204

The Mad Hatter is a beloved favourite and Johnny Depp was clearly the right choice for Tim Burton’s take on both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Johnny Depp really brought the character to life, particularly in the second movie where we saw the character in some funny moments, some very dark moments, and got a chance to learn more about his past and his family.

This Mad Hatter Pop holding the Chronosphere is part of the Alice Through the Looking Glass series which includes Alice, Mad Hatter, McTwisp, Chessur, Time and Iracebeth. As you can see, this pop is not included in the series list as it is a Hot Topic Exclusive. For those who live outside of the US and Canada, do not panic because you can still purchase this pop. The only difference is it will not have the yellow Hot Topic Exclusive sticker on the box. In the grand scheme of things, the sticker is really not important. It’s the actual pop that counts and let me tell you, this Mad Hatter Pop holding the Chronosphere really pops!



✧ One of the most distinctive features of this pop are the vibrant colours from top to bottom. The Mad Hatter has a green hat with pink ribbon, bright orange hair with aqua eyeliner, rosy cheeks, a burgundy coat with blue shirt, a rainbow coloured sash, rainbow ribbons in his pocket, purple pants, and last but not least, vibrant yellow shoes.

✧Hatter is also holding the golden Chronosphere in his hands, which obviously plays a major role in the film.

✧The detailing on the hat is absolutely stunning and intricate for a vinyl figure. There is also gold detailing, a green feather, and the classic 10/6 sign tucked into his hat.




While this Pop is a Hot Topic Exclusive, it is not particularly rare or difficult to get hold of. If you live in the US or in Canada, check out your local Hot Topic Store or the Hot Topic International website. There are also plenty floating around on Forbidden Planet International, eBay, and Amazon for a very reasonable price.

If you enjoyed Alice Through the Looking Glass, or are an Alice in Wonderland fan in general, this Mad Hatter Pop is definitely worth the purchase. He is a stunner and would definitely be a great addition to your collection. It’s vibrant, it has a lot going on, and it is very detailed. Why not bring the tea party home?

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