Nemo Funko Pop

Nemo Funko Pop #73

He touched the butt! Finding Nemo is a Pixar Animations classic that stole our hearts many years ago. Nemo is of course a beloved favourite and Funko has really done the character justice in their design of this incredibly adorable Nemo Funko Pop.

Nemo (73) is part of the Finding Nemo series which includes Nemo (73), Dory (74), Squirt (75), and Bruce (75). If you loved Finding Dory as well, there is a Finding Dory series which includes Dory again and Hank.

Nemo Funko PopNemo Funko PopNemo Funko Pop


✧ The shape and design of this character is absolutely perfect. I love non-human Pops because their design always makes them really makes them stand out. The design of this Pop is absolutely perfect because it looks exactly like what you would     imagine a Pop of Nemo to look like. He has one big fun and one lucky fin just as he did in the movie, a tail, and fins on his       head.

✧ The colour and patterns on his body are absolutely great as well. The orange colour if very vibrant and he of course has three white stripes just like his dad. The upsetting thing is the paint job, which is not neat at all. There are bleeds and marks     all over which makes the paint job look very messy, especially when you take a closer look. Unfortunately because Pops         are mass produced, this will be the case for many of the Nemo Pops. Just be careful when picking out your Pop. Look very     closely and try to find the Pop with the neatest paint job.

✧ There are three fins on the base of this Pop which serve as a stand. I think this is a great feature because the curved fins look like they are supposed to be part of the design. They function really well in keeping Nemo standing nice and sturdy.         This means Nemo will have no trouble at all standing up straight for display in your collection.


Luckily this Pop is not very rare and should be very easy to find. You can find him in most toy stores that stock Funko Pops and sometimes you can even find him in the Disney Store. He should be quite affordable as well at a price point of £9.99 in the UK which is approximately $13.00 US dollars.

Nemo Funko Pop

 Play or Display?

I think this Nemo Pop is an excellent display piece and excellent for the young ones as well. He looks excellent displayed amongst my other Pixar and Disney Pops. The blue of the box is absolutely perfect for display because it looks like an ocean background

If you’re looking for a Disney Pixar addition to your Funko Pop collection, Nemo is an excellent choice. He’s affordable, easy to find, and absolutely adorable. Just be careful to check the Pop carefully for paint marks and bleeds. Just keep swimming and bring Nemo home!

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