A Bugs Life Happy Meal Toys

A Bugs Life Happy Meal Toys

Pretend it’s a seed okay? I think A Bug’s Life is one of Pixar’s most underrated movies. Considering this movie was Pixar’s second animated film and was only released in 1998, the animation was absolutely stunning. We got to see some beautiful views of the world from a bug’s perspective such as the rain, white fluffy dandelion seeds, leaves, birds, and scary flakey grasshoppers. A Bug’s Life was a big part of my childhood and I just had track down these happy meal toys.

This set of happy meal toys consists of 7 toys: Flik, Princess Atta, Dot, Hopper, Heimlich, Francis, Rosie and Dim. This is an amazing set for any retro Disney toy collector!

Flik Happy Meal Toy


This Flik toy is ready for adventure! Flik is wearing his grass sleeping bag on his back and sitting on a leaf ready to find some warrior bugs. His head is posable and turns all the way around and has two pieces of string as antennae. This happy meal toy is a pull back toy so if you pull him backwards across a smooth surface, he goes shooting off into the distance.

Princess Atta Happy Meal Toy

Princess Atta

The Princess Atta toy is similar to the Flik toy. Atta is laying on her stomach on a piece of leaf and has clear plastic wings and string for antennae. Princess Atta also has a plastic leaf crown on her head and two pink flowers on the back of her leaf. This toy is a pullback toy as well so if you pull her backwards, she will go shooting off into the distance.

Dot Happy Meal Toy



We wouldn’t have a complete set without Princess Dot. Dot is sitting on a round plastic lily pad and has string for antennae. This toy is a wind-up toy and it is absolutely adorable. When you wind this toy up, the toy moves around in random swirls like a lily pad would on water.

Happy Happy Meal Toy



This is not the most attractive toy in the set but he is obviously intended to look scary and ugly. He has one yellow eye and one white eye. Like many of the other toys in this set, he has string as antennae. He is able to stand on his feet but he does tend to wobble and fall down. He has long wings on his back and if you lean him backwards onto his winds he is much sturdier. Hopper is also a wind-up toy and when you wind him up, he hops around very quickly like he’s angry and on a mission.

Heimlich Happy Meal ToyHeimlich

Heimlich provides a big portion of the humour in this movie is likely to be a favourite for many. The paint on the plastic is really well done for a happy meal toy as he is green with light metallic blue paint on his back. He also has little red bumps all along his back. Heimlich is another wind-up toy in this set, but the movement is absolutely fantastic. When you wind him up, the front portion of his body moves up and down while the wheels on the back portion of his body push him forward. This makes it looks like he is using the front portion of his body to pull himself forward like a real caterpillar would.

Francis Happy Meal Toy



Francis was a very angry ladybug before he was able to embrace and accept his “feminine” side. This Francis toy has a very angry expression on his face and looks like he’s ready for a fight. His head moves from side to side, he has string antennae, and his arms are posable and turn all the way around.

Rosie Happy Meal Toy


Rosie was always sweet and calm, which is exactly how this toy looks. Rosie’s face looks really pretty and she stands on 6 of her legs like she does in the movie. Rosie is also a wind-up toy although it appears the wind-up in this toy doesn’t really stand the test of time. Her front two legs and back two legs are meant to move back and forth so she walks around like a spider. Unfortunately my Rosie’s wind-up doesn’t work too well and this appears to be a problem for many others. While this is a bit of a bummer, I still think the toy looks great for display and this would not have changed my mind about purchasing the toy.  At the end of the day, we can’t except much from a happy meal toy from 90s as it will age and wear.

Dim Happy Meal Toy


Dim was a bug of few words, but he was a lovable gentle giant. He looks exactly like what you would except a cartoon bug to look like. He’s an adorable big, bright blue beetle. This toy is also a wind-up toy and when you wind him up, his back four legs move back and forth together and his front two legs move back and forth together. Again, this is to make the toy move like a bug.

For Collectors or Little Ones?

I think these happy meal toys are great for any nostalgic Disney or Pixar fan and are great for display. This Happy Meal set would also be for little ones as they are very affordable. However, considering these toys are from the 90s, nostalgic toy collectors may show a greater appreciation for this set.

Where can I get this Happy Meal set?

Obviously these toys are no longer at McDonalds. The best place to find these toys is at car boot sales if you live in the UK or in thrift stores/charity shops. You will also find plenty of them floating around on eBay as well. Be careful because some sellers will try try and sell them for a lot more than they’re worth. At most, you should pay a pound(or dollar) or two for each one.

While Happy Meal toys from the 90s may not be worth millions, they are definitely treasures for nostalgic toy collectors. They remind of us of our childhood and take us back to classic days of Disney and Pixar. If you’re feeling nostalgic and love Disney and Pixar, this set is for you!

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