LitJoy Professor Slughorn Christmas Party Invitation

There’s nothing I would love more than to have the honour of being invited into the prestigious Slug Club. LitJoy gave me just that with this stunning showstopper of a Professor Slughorn Christmas Party invitation.  

This Professor Slughorn Christmas party invitation was in the LitJoy Magical Edition Year 6 subscription box released in 2019. It was also available for individual purchase direct from LitJoy’s online magical shop. I purchased mine direct from the magical shop for $6.50 plus shipping (shipping was $6.75). The price was very reasonable for the quality of the item. Unfortunately it was the shipping that was very costly bearing in mind the price of the item! 

The Packaging

The invitation arrived in a beautiful silver envelope. As with other invitations produced by LitJoy in the past, the envelope is blank so you can write an address on the front and send it in the post as is if you so desire. The envelope arrived with a purple wax seal sticker on the back which says “Professor Slughorn” with a cauldron underneath with a beautiful pattern on the sides. Whilst the wax seal does feel very durable, be very careful as it is fragile and will break if you are not careful! Sadly I did crack mine but managed to gently stick it back together. Both the envelope and wax seal are certainly worth holding on to as it looks beautiful displayed with the invitation itself.

The Invitation

What can I say? The invitation is simple, elegant, and the foiling is stunning! 

The invitation is approximately 15cm long and just under 11cm wide. It is made of a durable dark purple cardstock and all of the design and writing is silver foiling. The design is absolutely beautiful and very elegant.

The invitation itself states:-

You are cordially invited to a


hosted by


December the 20th at 8:00 p.m.

The party will take place in Prof. Slughorn’s office

at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The silver foiling is of course very shiny and really makes the invitation pop! The colour is a lovely deep purple which makes it look very luxurious. It is a beautiful display piece that looks like it was pulled right out of the Wizarding World and into your home. There is nothing I would change about the invitation.

Unfortunately, at the time of this post this invitation is not available for purchase from the LitJoy Magical Shop. Whilst there is no guarantee it will be restocked, it is worth checking the shop from time to time as some popular items do come back in stock. Failing this, there’s always eBay.

Geekkie Opinion

This Professor Slughorn Christmas Party invitation is absolutely lovely and would make a great addition to any Wizarding World collection. It feels like an item plucked out of the Wizarding World and placed into your home. Sadly it is not available for purchase from LitJoy at this time so unless LitJoy restocks this item, you will need to do some hunting. LitJoy sold the invitation for a very reasonable price so I would not recommend spending crazy money to a second hand seller. In my opinion, $6-$10 is a fair price. If you’re crafty and creative, you of course can also design your own invitation and even personalise it! 

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