Luna Lovegood (with Lion Hat) Funko Pop #47

In 2017, Funko released a fourth wave of Harry Potter Funko Pops which included 12 more characters to collect. The majority of the figures in this wave are themed around Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and includes a number of exclusive figures as well. Whilst it’s usually very frustrating to see more and more variations of the same character, sometimes variations can be a pleasant surprise like this adorable Luna Lovegood with the Lion Hat.

The characters in the fourth wave include: –

  • Harry Potter (holding a wand and Marauder’s Map)
  • Hermione Granger (Prisoner of Azkaban – with Time Turner)
  • Ron Weasley (Prisoner of Azkaban – with Scabbers)
  • Remus Lupin
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Peter Pettigrew
  • Luna Lovegood (with Lion Hat)
  • Remus Lupin as werewolf (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Ginny Weasley in Quidditch robes (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
  • Boggart as Snape (2017 NYCC Exclusive)
  • Ginny Weasley (Quidditch Broom)
  • Ron Weasley (Quidditch Broom)

This Luna Lovegood with Lion Hat Pop is definitely one of the showstoppers of the fourth wave solely due to the lion hat. It’s fun, detailed, and definitely makes the pop stand out amongst the other Harry Potter pops.

The Lion Head

The sculpt of the Lion Hat is fantastic and very detailed. The lion’s mane is sculpted with lots of long triangular pieces of “fur” with varying colours and designs including plain gold pieces, diamond patterned pieces, cinnamon brown coloured pieces, caramel-coloured pieces, and tan pieces. Surprisingly, the paint job is very well done considering there are usually paint issues and bleeds on most Funko Pops at the best of times. Even so, there is some bleeding between the pieces on the mane. Check the paint job very carefully before choosing your figure. The mane pieces at the front of the Lion’s Head are all pointing outwards away from the mane and are a little “prickly” but not overly sharp. The mane pieces at the back of the figure are all facing downwards and are a lot flatter. A lovely detail is Luna’s long curly blond hair which comes out underneath the mane. The curls are very detailed and the paint even has a shine to it which makes the headpiece stand out even more.

The sculpt of the Lion Head is also very well done. It has a Lion King vibe with the “brownish-gold” colouring. There is a nice big nose and dark brown freckles where the whiskers would be coming out. The lion’s eyes are yellow surrounded by a dark brown cat-eye border. Look out for paint bleeds on the eyes as well as many figures had this issue. Another nice detail is the two big canine teeth on either side of Luna’s eyes. Again, look very carefully at the teeth when picking out your figure as many figures had a lot of white paint bleeding on to the face.

Luna’s face is quite simple as there is a lot going on with the mane. Luna has the classic black eyes with a few eyelashes painted on and has very slight rosy cheeks.

The Body

I am very surprised with the level of detail in the body given how much detail is in the Lion Head and how much it already stands out. Luna is wearing a dark blue sweater which has a raised and sculpted pattern in the same colour of the sweater except for the purple round balls. Naturally there are going to be minor paint issues given the intricacy of the pattern, but overall the paint job is great.

Luna also has purple pants/trousers with sculpted detailing such as a belt, pockets, buttons, etc. Luna is wearing blue socks with a black and blue ring painted on around the socks. She is also wearing dark magenta-coloured shoes which are surprisingly detailed. The laces, rubber front, and edging around the shoe have been sculpted on to the shoe and painted a dark purple colour.


The stability of the figure is surprisingly good given the size and weight of the head. The figure can stand up right without a stand but will get a bit wobbly if there is movement or shaking. Luckily the figure comes with a clear plastic stand which you can insert into the bottom of Luna’s shoes. I had absolutely no stability issues once the figure was slotted on to the stand.

The Packaging

Because the design of the Lion Head is so great, the box for this Pop really stands out as well. There is a large image of the Lion Hat on Luna’s head on the front of the box on the left as usual and the design on the box is the dark blue triangular pattern you see on a lot of Harry Potter merch. The dark blue pattern is not a showstopper but it is familiar as this pattern is used on a lot of packaging for Harry Potter merchandise.

Geekkie Opinion

This Luna Lovegood with Lion Hat figure is a definitely highlight amongst all Harry Potter Funko Pops, not just the fourth wave. It is well designed, fun, and stands out amongst other Pops. It’s not an exclusive or limited-edition pop so it should be readily available for a reasonable, standard price for a Funko Pop. It is one of my favourite Harry Potter Pops and I am definitely happy to have it in my collection.

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