Pinky and the Brain Q-Fig Toons

We all know what Pinky and the Brain are going to do tonight…try and take over the world!

This Q-Fig Toons figure created by Quantum Mechanix is very unique and perfectly encapsulates the Pinky and the Brain series. It is appropriately called “Taking over the World”.  The figure is a single piece with Pinky and the Brain standing on a blueprint to take over the world. As usual, Brain’s eyes are on the prize and Pinky is looking very befuddled. It is one of many Q-Fig figures from beloved movies/shows such as Harry Potter, Gargoyles, IT, Toy Story, Hocus Pocus, and many more. Click here to see the different figures available.

Surprisingly, the price point is very reasonable. This figure was available direct from the Quantum Mechanix website for $14.95. It was first available in 2017. Unfortunately, at the time of this post the figure is out of stock. You can however you can sign up to be notified when the figure comes back in stock here. I purchased my figure for a slightly higher price of $15.90 USD from Hot Topic. This figure was also available on Amazon, Zavvi, and a number of online toy stores but sadly it appears to be sold out everywhere at the time of this post.

The Pinky and the Brain Taking over the World figure is a PVC figure which is approximately 3.5 inches in length,  3.5 inches in width, and 4 inches in height. It is a single piece with a round, plastic, black base. There are no stability issues provided you display the figure on a flat surface.

The Blueprint

The blueprint is reference to one particular episode in which Brain plans to create a super-conductive magnetic infindibulator. This contraption depletes hydrogen and promotes gravitational collapse which creates a magnetic charge from the centre of the earth so strong that every person with loose change would be stuck to the ground. Brain deemed this plan to be extraordinary.

On the top left corner of the blueprint there is an image of the infindibulator and underneath there is a large magnet. On the right hand side there are more sketches of different parts including what looks like a fan. The only real writing on the blue print is “GEN” and makes reference to this being “15,000 MHz”. There is also an image of Pinky and the Brain sketched at the bottom and labelled “US”. Pinky’s feet are covering most of the image but I assume the sketch represents  two victorious mice ruling the world.

The blueprint sculpt is very impressive. Rather than just a flat piece of paper, it is a wrinkled paper design with one corner up in Brain’s hand. It looks very realistic. Clearly a lot of thought went into the design of this figure.


The sculpt of Brain has a lot of detail and is very accurate to the show. Funnily, Brain very much has a look of madness on his face with one eye wide open and the other squinted. There are eyebrows sculpted above his eyes and even a wrinkle above his right eyebrow. The sculpt of his nose and ears are beautiful and the paint colours are incredibly show accurate. Even the eyes are a pink/red colour just like we see in the show. The detail in the mouth is also very impressive. You can see the tongue and teeth inside and there is even a little dent in the tongue to make it look more realistic.

The body is absolutely adorable. Brain has a wide stance and is holding the blueprint in his right hand and has his left fist in the air. The hands and feet are incredibly intricate considering the price point of this figure. Each finger and toe is clearly sculpted. Even the paint colour is perfect. He also has a cute little butt sticking out and an intricate tail attached. The tail is very jagged with sharp points and again, the paint colour is perfect. There is a matte finish on the figure so the white paint can get dirty very easily. Be very careful when handing the figure and try and touch it as little as possible to keep it in pristine condition.


Like Brain, the sculpt of Pinky has a lot of detail and is very accurate to the show. Unlike Brain, there is no madness in Pinky’s face. Instead, he has a characteristic look of confusion with some raised eyebrows. There are three little chunks of hair sticking out from the top of his head which is accurate to the tv series. Again, the sculpt of the nose and ears are beautiful with the perfectly accurate paint colours. The nose even has a bit of a shine to it, which is a nice touch. Pinky’s eyes are blue like they are in the show and he also has an open mouth with a sculpted tongue and two little white teeth sticking out underneath his snout.

Again, the sculpt of the body is fantastic. Pinky is hunched over Brain looking at the latest world domination plan trying to make sense of it all. One arm is behind his back and his other hand is pointing towards his chin as he ponders. The tail is very intricate in an “S” shape and painted in the perfect colour. The hands and feet, like Brain’s hands and feet, are very detailed and intricate.

The Box and Display

The box the figure comes in is no showstopper but it is nice and simple for display. You can clearly see the figure through the box at the front and sides. There is a clear plastic insert (much like Funko Pops) to keep the figure in place inside the box. There is also a matte yellow background so if you want to display the figure with a full 360 degree view, you will need to take it out of the box. Luckily, you can take the figure in and out of the box very easily. Additionally, the base of the figure makes it very clear that this is an adult collectible NOT intended to be used by children.

Geekkie Opinion

This Pinky and the Brain Q-Fig Toon figure is without a doubt value for money. It is incredibly detailed, well designed, well sculpted, and even well painted for a price point of less than $20.00. Unfortunately, it is not as readily available as it was a few years ago but you can find it second-hand. The prices vary from reasonable ($20-$30) to very expensive ($60+). Given the retail price is less than $20, I would try and find a price point between $20-$30, if possible. It is certainly a  unique piece that takes me back to the days of watching Animaniacs. I am very happy to have this in my collection and I display it proudly on my shelves.


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