Simpsons Lego Minifigures – Series 2

I’m sure it comes to no surprise that a series of Minifigures of characters from the longest-running American sitcom created by one of the most popular toy manufacturers in history was a huge hit and has become highly collectable. Both Simpsons and Lego were a huge part of my childhood and I’m sure that everyone has played with Lego and watched Simpsons at some point in their lives. Who could forget the excruciating, unbearable pain of accidentally stepping on a Lego piece on the floor and humming along to the Simpsons intro that we all know and love?

So far, Lego have created two series of Simpsons Minifigures, each with 16 different Minifigures to collect. Unfortunately I was a little late in starting my collection and missed out on the first series when they were in-store, but I was not going to make the same mistake when the second series hit the shelves this summer! The Minifigures are packaged as blind bags and you get one figure in each bag. After a lot of trial and error and trading, I finally managed to collect all 16 figures and I could not be more pleased with my collection. I think all the figures and their accessories are really well made and look great. The figures are very affordable and would make a wonderful addition to any Simpsons or Lego collection.

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson Lego Series 2 Minifigure


I don’t think any Simpsons series or collection could be complete without some variation of Homer Simpson. Since there was a Series 1 Minifigure of Homer wearing his classic white shirt and jeans, the Series 2 Homer is ready for a night out in the town in his fancy dark blue suit. He comes with a tile piece that is a box of chocolates that snaps onto or into his hand, which I am sure is meant to be an ‘I’m Sorry’ gift for Marge for whatever shenanigan he got himself into on that particular day.



Marge Simpson 

Marge Minifigure


Of course, if we have a dressed up Homer for Series 2, we have to have a dressed up Marge for Series 2 as well. Series 2 Marge is wearing a lovely orange outfit and to complete her outfit, her accompanying accessories are a black clutch purse that will snap into her hand and a bouquet of red flowers. The nice thing about the Marge figure is that if you’re trying to push and feel the bag to avoid purchasing doubles, Marge is very easy to spot/avoid as you will be able to easily feel her long and very bumpy hair.



Bart Simpson 

Bart Simpson Figure


The Bart figure of Series 2 is dressed up as well, but rather than wearing formal wear, he’s dressed up as Bartman. This Bart Minifigure has his mask painted on and comes with a slingshot that snaps into his hand and a purple cape. It only made sense to keep Bart as his normal, rebellious self.




Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson Figure


The Series 2 Lisa Minifigure is dressed up as well in her light pink dress and pink bow painted on her hair. Although Lisa does not come with any accessories to snap into her hand, she is accompanied by Snowball II, which is great because Snowball was not included in Series 1. I do find it odd that the family pets were not included in Series 1 because it would have made a little more sense to include the family pets as part of the standard set. Either way, if you are a Lego or Simpsons collectors, the Snowball figure is key as it was not included in the Lego Simpsons house either!



Maggie Simpson 

Maggie Simpson Figure


The Series 2 Maggie Minifigure may be wearing her usual outfit just like she was in Series 1, but the great thing about this Maggie Minifigure is that she doesn’t have a concerned look on her face anymore. Her eyes are just opened normally looking straight on. What’s also great is that just like Lisa, Maggie does not have any accessories but she is accompanied by Santa’s Little Helper. Again, having the family pets is essentially to any Simpsons or Lego collection.



Milhouse Van Houten

Milhouse Minifigure



The Series 2 Milhouse has also changed outfit and is dressed as Fallout Boy from the Radioactive Man episode (Season 7, episode 2). Milhouse is dressed in his Fallout Boy costume and comes with a cape and Buzz Cola can that snaps onto his hand.



Martin Prince Jr. 

Martin MinifigureNew to Series 2 of the Simpsons Minifigures is the Martin Minifigure, who was not included in the first series. The Martin Minifigure is wearing his classic white collared shirt with pens in his pocket and orange shorts. Martin comes with one accessory, which is a large brown ‘Coping with a High IQ’ book. The book of course suits his personality, but the book is almost as big as the figure itself. The Minifigures checklist displays the Martin figure as if he is able to hold the book closed in one hand, however this is not possible at all. I attempted to get him to hold the book properly but ended up damaging the book trying to force it into his hand. The book is too thick to place into one hand closed but not wide enough when it is open to place into each hand. I tried to get the Martin figure to hold the book properly with a number of Martin figures and had the same problem with every single one of them 🙁 The Martin figure will hold one end of the book when it is open and I think it looks fine displayed this way.



Patty Bouvier

Patty Minifigure


The Patty Minifigure is also new to Series 2. The Patty Minifigure is wearing her usual pink dress, she has big bumpy hair, and she is wearing her usual green necklace and earrings. Patty comes with one accessory, which is her green purse. The good news is that she does not come with her cigarettes.




Selma Bouvier

Selma Minifigure



Where there is a Patty, there of course needs to be a Selma. The Selma Minifigure is wearing her usual blue dress and red necklace and earrings. The Selma Minifigure comes with one accessory, which is an eye chart that can be snapped easily onto her hand.



Hans Moleman

Moleman figure


If the Selma Minifigure is going to be at work with her eye chart, it is only natural that she has some work to do. New to Series 2 is the Hans Moleman Minifigure, who is dressed in his usual shirt, tie, glasses, and trousers. Unfortunately his outfit comes with one accessory, which is a voided license that snaps into his hand. It looks like the poor man failed Selma’s eye chart test 🙁




Professor Frink

Professor Frink Lego Minifigure Series 2


The Professor Frink Minifigure is probably my favourite figure in this entire series. He is dressed in his usual lab coat, glasses, and pink pants. Naturally, his accessory is a beaker filled with some sort of green liquid, which is not actually liquid, but looks great and fits perfectly into his hand.




Dr. Hibbert 

Dr. Hibbert Lego Minifigure Series 2


Dr. Hibbert is a recurring character that we all know and love who had to be included in the second series of Minifigures. Dr. Hibbert is wearing his usual white coat with a painted on stethoscope. His accessory is a Lego tile with an x-ray of Homer’s head revealing a crayon stuck in his brain, which just nicely sums up the need for his character in the show 😛




Comic Book Guy (Jeffrey Albertson) 

Comic Book Guy Lego Minifigure Series 2

Comic Book Guy is another new addition to Series 2. Comic Book Guy was never one of my favourite characters when I was growing up, but sadly I’m beginning to relate to him more and more each day lol. The Comic Book Guy Minifigure is dressed in his usual blue t-shirt with his belly peeping through shirt and his usual red shorts. Comic Book Guy comes with two accessories, a copy of Everyman and a Squishee cup from the Kwik-E-Mart. I have to say, the Squishee cup is really well done with the clear plastic dome on top and the straw sticking out at the top. In my opinion, this is the best accessory from this entire series.



Edna Krabappel

Edna Krabappel Lego Minifigure


I was very happy to see that an Mrs Krabappel Minifigure was included in this series since they retired the character in the episode, ‘The Man Who Grew Too Much’, following the death of actress Marcia Wallace in 2013. The Edna Kabappel Minifigure is wearing her classic green cardigan and blue skirt and comes with a pink cup and a picture of Woodrow from the episode, ‘Bart the Lover’. Edna’s character added a lot of laughs to the show and it’s great to see her character be included in this series as her character is going to be very missed.



Waylon Smithers 

Waylon Smithers Lego Minifigure


As Mr. Burns was part of Series 1, it’s only natural that Mr. Smithers wasn’t too far away. I’m actually quite surprised that he was not included in the first series with Mr. Burns. The Mr. Smithers Minifigure is dressed in his usual green blazer and purple bow tie. Mr. Smithers comes with one accessory, which is a lego tile that is meant to be a Malibu Stacy doll with her new hat in a brand new box. Although this is great, I think Smithers holding a framed picture of Mr. Burns would have been great too.



Groundskeeper Willie 

Groundskeeper Willie Lego Minifigure


Last, but not at all least, is the Groundskeeper Willie Minifigure. The Grounds Keeper Willie is dressed in his usual shirt and overalls and comes with a toilet plunger as his accessory. The accessory is actually very well made as it fits perfectly into his hand and the plunger is actually made of a soft, rubbery material. Groundskeeper Willie is a bit of an underrated character and the detail of his Minifigure is absolutely fantastic.

As a fan of both Lego toys and Simpsons, I think the Simpsons Lego Minifigures are absolutely great and highly collectable. I have managed to collect all the figures in Series 2 and displayed them proudly on my Lego stand inspired by a stand I saw in the Lego Store. The figures are not too costly, especially if you’re strategic about which packs you buy based on a little feel of the bag, and look absolutely great. I highly recommend these Minigures. I will be completing my Series 1 collection any day now and will be purchasing Series 3 if and when it is released 🙂

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