Disney Store Squirt Plushie

Squirt Plushie

Who could resist bringing home an exchange student from the EAC? 😀

As I always say in my posts about plushies, I’m not a big plushie collector generally, but I make the exception for Disney Store plushies. I absolutely adore that wall of plushies in the Disney Store because it takes me back to the old school Disney Stores that used to have a mountain of plushies in the back below the big screen playing our favourite classic Disney songs. I am well on my way of creating my own Disney plushie wall so I can feel like I’m in the Disney Store all the time!

While this little guy didn’t make it onto that big wall of plushies in the Disney Store, he is a key character that definitely deserves a space on my future wall. This little Squirt plushie is cute, cuddly, and absolutely adorable. He’s got big eyes, brown spots all over his body just like he does in the movie, and his shell has a floral pattern just like he did in the movie. We know this is definitely Squirt and no one of the other little ones because he was the only one with this floral pattern on his shell. If you go back and watch Finding Nemo, you’ll notice each baby turtle had its own unique pattern on his/her shell.

Squirt Disney Store PatchI think this little plushie is absolutely adorable and my only complaint about him is that he does not have that ‘Genuine Original Authentic Disney Store’ patch on his body. I’m guessing this is because he is too small to have the patch on his body, but I think it would have looked perfectly fine on the his belly where it wouldn’t be too obvious. Fortunately there is a little ‘Genuine Original Authentic Disney Store’ patch marked on the white tag attached to his shell. It is also inside the grey tag attached to Squirt’s arm.

If you’re a collector of Disney Store plushies like myself, definitely do not miss this cute little guy. He would be absolutely perfect with the large Crush plush which was recently released following the release of Finding Dory. You can find him in your local Disney Store or on the Disney Store website for £7.95 or $9.95(US). I think he is a tad on the expensive side, but definitely worth the purchase if you’re a fan of the Disney plush toys because they are very well made. So if you’re a fan of Finding Nemo and Disney Store plush toys, why not bring home this EAC exchange student? I promise he won’t take up too much space!

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