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LEGO Ideas Wall-E

In 2008, Pixar told an inspiring story about a little lonely robot on a mission to clean our entire planet one piece of garbage at a time. It’s a simple story using astonishing computer animation and very few words. Wall-E was such a lovable character that when the Wall-E LEGO project was proposed, it received 10,000 supporters in just over a month. Wall-E’s mission was to put Earth back together one piece at a time and now it’s our turn to put Wall-E together one piece at a time. While I do love Wall-E, my husband loves him even more so I knew I had to buy this LEGO Wall-E for him for Christmas.

This LEGO Wall-E set comes with 710 pieces and retails for £39.99 in the UK $65.99 in the US. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it is incredibly details and intricate that I think it is well worth the cost if you’re a big Wall-E fan or a fan of LEGO generally.

The packaging for this set is very well done. This set comes in a yellow box that is approximately 7.5″ by 10″. The front of the box shows an image of the LEGO Wall-E holding the plant, however it is not to scale as the LEGO Wall-E is significantly bigger. The back of the box shows the LEGO Wall-E again but he is looking up the plant and admiring the the life found on earth. It demonstrates that Wall-E’s head can rotate and that his trash compactor does open and close like it does in the movie.

Lego Walle Box

Inside the box there is a relatively thick instruction booklet and LEGO pieces separated into 9 different bags. The instruction book contains 118 pages of pictorial instructions, which involve 178 steps. Unfortunately it would have been cruel not to let my husband build this set, so although I was able to assist in the building, my primary role was an assistant and admirer. This LEGO Wall-E took approximately 4 hours to build and was relatively easy to build.


LEGO Wall-E Build ProgressLEGO Wall-E Build ProgressLEGO Wall-E Build ProgressLEGO Wall-E Build ProgressLEGO Ideas Walle


The Level of detail of this LEGO Wall-E is absolutely amazing. The level of intricacy far surpassed my expectations.

LEGO Walle Hands


Wall-E’s “hands” are three flat pieces and each “finger” moves. Wall-E’s entire “hand” can also rotate 360 degrees. I am very happy that the plant was included as it’s a very nice touch that brings in plot of the entire movie. Wall-E’s arms are attaching using a ball joint piece, which means his arms have a lot of posability and you can position his arms any way you like.




Lego Ideas Walle Front


On Wall-E’s front side, Wall-E has a ‘solar charge level’ and a red light piece as well as a Wall-E logo printed on the bottom of his trash compactor lid. The really nice thing about these details is that they are painted straight on to the LEGO pieces rather than stickers that we would have to stick on. The trash compactor lid does actually open and close and there is an empty space inside. Although nothing is inside, you could potentially keep something small and valuable inside. This would make for a nice hiding spot 😛 There is also an optional little black piece which represents Wall-E’s little cockroach friend.




Lego Walle Treads



Another element of this LEGO Wall-E that I am really impressed with are Wall-E’s treads. Wall-E’s treads actually work and rotate. Unfortunately they won’t work if you push him across a smooth surface, but they definitely work on rougher surfaces like a carpet. I wouldn’t recommend pushing him with too much force as he is very top heavy because of his eyes and his head may fall over.



Lego Walle Behind



Even Wall-E’s back has a lot of details. There are two hydraulic pieces which you can move up and down. Wall-E’s eyes also have antennae coming out of the back of his eyes.





The level of detail for this LEGO Ideas Wall-E is incredibly impressive and although the price is a little high, I definitely think this set is worth every penny and you are getting your money’s worth. It is absolutely idea for any toy collector, whether you’re a Wall-E fan, LEGO fan, or both. Since this Wall-E is very detailed and intricate, it is also very delicate and I would not recommend it for the purposes of general play. It is definitely not a toy, it is a display piece that should be displayed with pride.

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