Walter White Titans Vinyl Figure

This Walter White Titans Vinyl Figure perfectly encapsulates the moment Walter begins his journey into the world of crime and drugs with his former student, Jessie Pinkman. A “first cook” Walter White is an iconic figure to create and have as a collector. The figure takes us back to the first cook scene which sparked an “is he going to get caught” suspense that had us hooked from episode one continued throughout the series.

The Breaking Bad Heisenberg Collection

Each blind box comes with one vinyl figure. There are 16 different figures to collect in this series. Some characters come with accessories however not every figure comes with an accessory***Please be aware that these figures are not for children. There are many drug references and some figures, such as the Gus figure, are very graphic.***

These figures were available at various stores including Hot Topic, Forbidden Planet, and Amazon. Prices varied from $3.99 – $12.50(USD). I purchased mine on sale from Forbidden Planet for £3.99(GBP) for each blind box. Sadly, it is now very difficult to find these figures from retailers. Individual blind boxes are available on eBay for varying prices. The availability of characters also varies. For example, figures of Saul and Jessie Pinkman are readily available for reasonable prices while on the other hand, there are very few to no chase figures for sale even second hand at the time of this post.

Titans figures are usually very well done. The faces in particular are always very realistic and accurate to the faces of the actors. There is a lot of variety in the Breaking Bad Heisenberg series including items such as the RV and Batter Tub. It is a shame that some of the very in demand figures, such as the Hazmat suit figures and Batter Tub, are so rare (1 in 40). It will be very costly to try and collect the entire series, particularly if you purchase the blind boxes individually. For a series like this, it is better to collect your favourites so that it does not cost you an arm and a leg. Even if you purchase a full case, you will not have a complete set. 

Characters included in the series:
  • Walter (1/20)
  • Walt Jr. (1/20)
  • Heisenburg (2/20)
  • Jesse (Live Free or Die) (1/10)
  • Jessie Pinkman (1/20)
  • Hank (1/10)
  • Chaser Batter Tub (1/40)
  • Marie (1/20)
  • Gus (Salud) (1/20)
  • Chaser Saul (1/40)
  • Mike (1/20)
  • Gus (face Off) (2/20)
  • Saul (2/20)
  • RV (2/20)
  • Chase – Walter Hazmat (1/40)
  • Chase – Jessie Hazmat (1/40)

I am not sure why there is no Skyler figure given the importance of her character in the series. Maybe it is because her character was so wide unliked?

The Walter White Figure

The figure is approximately 3 inches in height and is very lightweight. The bodies of all the figures are the same except for the Marie figure which does not have separate legs as she is wearing a dress. The head is posable and can turn 360 degrees. The arms are posable as well and can turn 360 degrees but due to the size of the head, it will not spin all the way around without a little bit of manoeuvring.

The sculpts of the Titan figure faces are usually very accurate to the real actors and this figure is no exception. The face looks very much like Bryan Cranston down to the moustache. Overall, I think the head and face are both very well done. Walt of course has a full head of hair at the beginning of the series and this is reflected on the figure. There’s dark brown hair with a lot of ridges and shorter pieces above his forehead similar to how Walt’s hair is in the first episode. The paint job is very well done and luckily there is no bleeding on my figure. However, each individual figure will vary. 

The face is also very well done. Walt’s glasses are certainly the most distinctive feature. The glasses are made of vinyl and are attached to the head at the sides and on the nose.  If you touch them they move but be very careful as the frames are very thin and could break or bend. There are no lenses however I don’t think lenses are needed on this figure. The moustache is painted on and is light and subtle just like Bryan Cranston’s moustache in the series.

Walt’s Outfit

Walt is wearing  his “good shirt”, a green collared shirt with buttons which is tucked into his briefs on one side and hanging out on the other side. The button and collar detailing are painted on to the figure and the paint job is very well done. There is a tiny, tiny amount of green paint which has bled on to Walt’s briefs but it is barely noticeable. His briefs are also painted on to the figure in white in paint that is a lot more shiny than the green for his shirt. There is no detailing on his briefs but I don’t think any detailing on the briefs is necessary.


****Spoiler Alert****

At the very beginning of the series Walt stands in the middle of the road, holds up his gun, and almost shoots himself thinking the police are coming for him. He soon finds out it was only firefighters passing by to deal with preceding chaos. Naturally, the accessory that comes with this figure is the gun he was holding in the very first scene of the series. 

It is a very thin grey gun just under an inch long. The handle is black with some detailing to show two screws on each side. As you will see, there is a fair amount of detailing on the gun considering it is only a small accessory for the character figure. There are some ridges on the side, a trigger, and safety lever. I am no gun expert but from a quick search, it looks like an automatic pistol.

The gun slips into the hand of the figure quite well and remains in place. Do be careful as it can be a little loose so it is very easy to lose or misplace the accessory.

Geekkie Opinion

If I could only have one figure in this entire Heisenberg series, it would be this one! This figure represents the beginning of a wonderful series and the moment I was hooked. It’s the perfect figure for any Breaking Bad fan. You don’t have to be a collector to appreciate this figure. These small figures make for great figures to display on a desk or tv stand. The Titan figures can be more costly than Funko Mystery Minis but they are very well-made figures and better than Funko Mystery Minis in my opinion. This is a series where it is probably better to only collect your favourite characters/items. It will be far too expensive hunting for every figure in the set if you are purchasing the blind boxes. This Walt White figure is definitely my favourite in the series and definitely worth the purchase.

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