Alice in Wonderland Heart Sandwiches

Alice in Wonderland Sandwiches

It’s peanut butter jelly time! No matter how much we grow up and adult, the kid in us can’t help but crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich once in a while. If you’re going to embrace your inner child, why not make your PB&Js into some adorable Alice in Wonderland sandwiches!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, what could be better than putting Alice in Wonderland on with some adorable heart shaped Alice in Wonderland peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with some pink strawberry milk!

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters


These sandwiches take no time at all. All you need is:

✧ Bread

✧ Peanut butter and jam of your choice

✧ A large heart shaped cookie cutter

✧ A small heart shaped cookie cutter

✧ Milk

✧ Nesquick strawberry power/syrup

✧ Optional: Striped paper straws in the colour of your choice

I reccomend spreading the peanut butter and jelly on the bread before cutting the bread into shape with your cookie cutter as it will be more difficult to spread your PB&J after your bread has been cut. Make sure you keep your little pieces of heart shaped bread from the smaller cookie cutter. You can spread some jam on these pieces and use them as embellishment 🙂 Also, if you decide to make some strawberry milk, a striped paper straw is a nice touch.

Tea Party Time!

Obviously the possibilities are endless with cute heart-shaped sandwiches. You can easily elevate this and make some posh tea sandwiches with some pink lemonade! But for a lazy movie day on a Sunday afternoon at home, these Alice in Wonderland peanut butter and jelly sandwiches really hit the spot! I think the Queen of Hearts would be proud, even if she never admits it!

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