Duff Energy Drink

Duff Energy Drink

When we think of Homer Simpson two things come to mind, doughnuts and Duff Beer.

In 2014, I had the joy of going to New York City during the holidays and going into FAO Schwarz months before it closed down. The closing of FAO Schwarz is a real shame because it truly was a magical store. While I was looking for cute stocking stuffers, I stumbled across this Duff Energy Drink. While I am not a fan of energy drinks, I am someone who grew up watching Simpsons every day after school and I thought this would make an adorable addition to my toy collection.

Duff Energy Drink Simpsons

This Duff Energy Drink is in a 355ml, a standard size for most soft drinks. While energy drinks may not be the best thing for children, I think it is great that Boston America Corp, the makers of this drink, didn’t include the work “beer” on the can to make this a little more friendly for younger people. The design is fantastic as the can design is very accurate to the cans we see Homer and his friends drinking in the show. The only major discrepancy is the colour. This can is orange while the Duff beer cans in the show are red. While there is a colour discrepancy, I do not think it takes anything major away.

The drink itself is also orange, which comes close to the colour of beer without looking exactly like beer. The can is probably orange because the drink is an orange colour and has an orange flavour to it as well. If you’re a fan of Orange Crush, chances are you will probably like the taste of this drink. Whether you enjoy Orange Crush or not however, I think it would be better and cheaper to get a normal orange soda and keep this Duff Energy Drink in the can as a display piece.

While FAO Schwarz if no longer around, this Duff Energy Drink can be found in many toy and candy stores. I have seen this drink in a number of candy shops as well as Toys R Us. If you’re a Simpsons fan looking for another collectible, I think this Duff Energy Drink would make a great addition to any collection. While there are novelty Duff Beer Bottles out there that are a little more accurate to the shows, I think this Duff Energy Drink is a much better alternative as it is family friendly and something that can be displayed proudly for everyone to enjoy 🙂

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