Royal Worcester Noddy Tin Lunch Box

Sometimes metal tins of your favourite characters make for excellent toy storage!

Noah Tomten may have sailed around the world, but he always knew he would to come back to Littleton Falls and run The Noddy Shop. I can definitely relate because even though my bucket list is a mile long, I have always dreamed that one day I would retire and run a vintage toy shop. My toy hunting process often involves car booting and thrift shopping and one day while I was at a car boot sale I came across this Royal Worcester Noddy metal lunch box. This lunch box is really cute, it made me feel really nostalgic, and I thought not only would it look great as part of my toy collection, but it would also be great for storing toys as well. As someone who collects a lot of toys, storage is always an issue and it’s always fantastic to find ways to store toys that I’m not ready to display discreetly into my collection.

Royal Worcester Noddy Tin lunch box

This 2006 Royal Worcester Noddy tin lunch box originally would have come as a two-piece set with a double handed Noddy mug and Noddy and Friends plate. Of course the actual tin is the best bit. The top/front of the tin is very bright and vibrant with a yellow background and red polka dots all over. The word ‘Noddy’ is written across the top and of course there is a large image of a happy Noddy in the centre with his arms up in the air. The same image is on the back/bottom of the tin. The sides of the tin are a nice royal blue just like the colour of Noddy’s hat 🙂 On the right and left edges, the word ‘Noddy’ is printed again with Big Ears and Tessie Bear on one side and Noddy and Bumpy Dog on the other side.

Noddy Tin SideNoddy Tin Edge

While this may not be a rare, vintage metal lunch box, any tin lunch box of your favourite tv and movie characters make for excellent display pieces which double as excellent places to store small toys you don’t have a place for yet. The tins of course are also great for their original purpose of storing your lunch or any other small bits and bobs you have around the house that need a good home 🙂

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