Snow White Sketchbook Mini Ornament Set

Snow White Sketchbook Minis Ornaments

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, the Disney Store never disappoints. Even if your Christmas tree is not Disney themed, you just can’t help but want to bring home these adorable ornaments. This is especially true if you’re a Disney collector. The Disney Store Christmas ornaments are not necessarily Christmas themed and this is why even 3 months into the year I just had to get these Snow White Sketchbook Minis set of 4 ornaments. They are absolutely adorable and would look wonderful displayed in my Disney collection.

Since I purchased these ornaments long after Christmas, I got an amazing bargain. This set had been marked down numerous times and I managed to get it for £3.00!

Snow White Sketchbook Minis Set of 4 Ornaments Disney Store


This set contains four different ornaments: Snow White, Dopey, the box for Snow White’s heart, and the poison apple. The ornaments are made of resin and have a vintage look and feel to them. They each have a red ribbon attached so you can hang them on your Christmas tree. I think Snow White and Dopey look cute, but they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The real heroes of this set are clearly the box to contain Snow White’s heart and the poison apple.

Snow White

Snow White Sketchbook Mini Ornament



This Snow White ornament may not be the most movie accurate version of Snow White, but it does have a vintage toy look which really works. It looks like something that would find in a vintage toy shop back when the movie was released in 1937. This really adds to the charm of the ornament.





I think it’s safe to say that Dopey was the funniest of all the dwarves and incredibly lovable. Like the Snow White ornament, this ornament has a vintage design which also really works. Again, this ornament looks like something you would find in an old school toy shop and would probably be one of the best sellers at the time. What makes this ornament even more adorable is that Dopey is sneaking a precious gem back home behind his back.



Box for Snow White’s Heart


This ornament is definitely one of the heroes of the set. There has been an abundance of Snow White and Dopey toys over the years, but there haven’t been many toys of the box that held Snow White’s “heart”. This ornaments is a great find for Disney collectors and looks absolutely amazing displayed on a shelf.


Poison Apple


This ornament is definitely the other hero in this set. The poison apple is a classic Disney icon and any Disney collector would love to have this apple ornament in their collection. This red and green apple again may not be the most movie accurate thing, but it looks absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Where can I get these Ornaments?

This ornament set can be found in the Disney Store and on the Disney Store website. As we get farther and farther away from Christmas 2016, they will be harder to find once the sets that are on offer are gone. I was quite lucky to find this set for a great price in my local Disney Store. While these ornaments are available on Amazon and eBay, I would check your local Disney Store first.


This Snow White Sketchbook Mini set is absolutely adorable and is not only great for Christmas, but is great for any Disney collector as well. It takes us back to classic Disney where all the Disney princess magic began. If you love all things Disney, this is a definite must have for your collection!

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