Vampire Potion DIY

DIY Vampire Blood Potion

Harry Potter fans are little merch magpies who collect treasure after treasure to bring the magic of Hogwarts home. Naturally we want to share our treasures with the world and display them proudly. I started brainstorming different ways I could display my goodies and decided that I just had to make a collection of potions to create an apothecary type display.

I started searching online and I came across Cooking and Craft Chick on Youtube who has an absolutely amazing channel with great DIY craft videos and decorating ideas. There are so many great potion DIY videos to choose from on her channel and I decided just have to recreate them. I decided to start with the Vampire Blood potion and share my experience recreating this great potion.


Cooking and Craft Chick outlines all the materials you need for these crafts in her videos. Here is a collection of the materials I used for this potion:

DIY Vampire Blood Potion Materials


Bottle: I found my bottle at Hobbycraft for £2.50. Most craft stores will sell ornate bottles but if you still can’t get your hands on, check your local charity shop/thrift store.

Label: Can be printed from here.


As you will see from the video, this DIY is incredibly simple. Any amateur crafter or diy-er such as myself can make this potion. You just need to mix your gel, soap, and food colouring or paint together until you get the perfect consistency and colour. You want it to be thick like blood, but not too thick. Then you just need to put your label on your bottle. I mod podged it on because I did not have sticker paper. Finally to give it that final touch, melt some wax over the top of the bottle to create a dripping blood effect. Remember to be very careful with any lighter or fire and get a parent to help you if necessary.


Crafts and DIY is not easy for me and I was hoping to get through this simple potion without something going wrong, but I just couldn’t make it. I bought a black candle thinking all was well and all I had to do was melt the candle and let it drip. It turns out some candles may be black on the outside, but have white wax on the inside!

Black Candle White Inside

Don’t be late for Potions Class! 

I think this DIY went incredibly well and I can’t believe I managed to get mine to look like the potion made by Cooking and Craft Chick. I think this is a great start to my potions display and I cannot wait to make the next one! If you’ve made any potions yourself, please share! I would love to see your creations and see who has earned their liquid luck!

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