Monsters Inc Scary Stories Comic Book

Monsters, Inc. Scary Stories Comic Book

This Monsters, Inc. Scary Stories book is a collection of 3 Monsters, Inc. comics, The Story of the Movie in Comics, The Humanween Party, and A Perfect Date. While these comics are in a single book, they are all comics containing material originally published in magazine form. This book was then pubished by MARVEL WORLDWIDE, INC. in 2012 – 2013.

Monsters Inc Comic Book Cover

I have never been much of a comic book collector, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not a massive superhero person. Whether I’m a fan of the story or not, I can always appreciate the artwork that goes into any comic book. Now what I do love is anything and everything related to Disney, and when I flipped through this Monsters, Inc. comic book in the store, I thought the artwork was fantastic and decided I just had to include it in my Disney book collection (because you know, I don’t have enough collections on the go).

Looking at the cover, I was concerned that the book would just be the story of the movie in comic form, which would be nice, but it would also be nicer to read a new story in comic form as well. Luckily this book provides the best of both worlds and starts with the story of the movie in comic form, followed by two completely new stories. I think this was the right way to go because people would want to go down memory lane and see the artwork for the story they know and love, but would also would to do be dazzled by something new.

Monsters Inc Scary Stories Comic Book

Monsters Inc Scary Stories Comic Book

The Story of the Movie in Comics

The title is pretty self explanatory, this comic is the story of the Monsters, Inc. story we all know and love. The story has not been altered in any shape or form and is presented exactly as it was in the movie. This story takes up just over half of the entire book, which is not surprising as it needs to cover a hour-and-a-half movie into comic strips. I think the artwork is fantastic and the artists have done an incredible job turning computer-animated characters into cartoon drawings.


The Humanween PartyHumanween The Humanween Party

This comic is about Mike and Sulley’s Humanwenn party, showing that humans are not the only ones who like to party and have a good scare. Mike’s mother is coming for a visit but Mike and Sulley are having a Humanween party the night before. Mike wants to impress his mom with a clean house….will they be able to party and get the place cleaned up in time? You’ll have to read the comic and find out! I thought this story was a nice story and because it did not have to cover an entire movie, the artwork is a lot bigger and clearer. The artists have done a fantastic job with the artwork and it was great to read a story about Mike and Sulley’s day-to-day life outside of Monsters, Inc.



Monsters Inc Comic Book A Perfect DateA Perfect Date (2)

A Perfect Date

This comic is about Mike and Celia’s perfect date, which you can gather from the cover was not a smooth ride. It starts off with a game night, a locked car, and a 2319 in the factory! Celia doesn’t know if she can ever forgive Mike and Mike thinks he’s a failure and gives

up….can Celia and Mike make it work? You’ll have to read the comic and find out! Again, the story was great and because it did not have to cover an entire movie, it was a lot shorter which meant larger and more detailed artwork. The artists did a fantastic job with the artwork and again, it was great to read a new story about the day to day lives of Mike and Celia outside of the fiasco that happened in Monsters, Inc.


Marvel has published a number of Disney comics such as Toy Story: Tales from the Toy Chest and The Muppets: The Four Seasons. If you’re a Disney fan and you love reading comic books, I would highly reccomend these Disney comics. The stories are great and the artwork is beautifully done. I think these comics would also be a great way to get children who do not necessarily love to read to start reading. Once they see how fun it can be to read a Disney comic book, they may pick up others and then move on to picking up other books as well!

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