Monsters Inc Tsum Tsum Squishies

Any Tsum Tsum collector will tell you there is no end to Tsum Tsum collecting. There is enough Tsum Tsum merchandise out there to fill your entire house and then some so you’ll definitely have to pick and choose to keep your collection under control.

I live in the UK and not too long ago vinyl Tsum Tsum figures were nowhere to be found. Since I couldn’t find the vinyl Tsum Tsum figures anywhere, I thought I would give the Tsum Tsum Squishies a chance because these figures were absolutely everywhere.

Tsum Tsum Squishies

Series 2 of the Tsum Tsum Squishies contains 50 different Squishies to collect. The Squishies have varying levels of rarity, with the gold figures being the rarest. I managed to get all the Monsters Inc figures in this series which includes Boo, Sulley, and Mike.

Considering the low cost of these figures, there is no denying the fact that they look incredibly cute. Boo’s little pigtails are absolutely adorable. Sulley is also just the cutest with his little purple horns and spots. Like all Tsum Tsum toys, they do stack on top of one another.

While these figures do look cute, I very much regretting buying figures from this line of Tsum Tsums now that the vinyl figures made their way to this side of the pond.

While the Squishies may come at a lower cost, they are also of a lower quality. Because they are squishy, they dent and damage very easily. Even brand new out of the package, they often come with lines indented in them from the manufacturing process. Also, they are very shiny and sticky. This means the figures attract dust and hair making it very difficult to keep them clean. These figures are not likely to have a long shelf life in your display unless they are protected in a glass case.

Should I get These Squishies?

Since these Squishies come at a low price point of £2.99, I think they are great for the kids. They come in a pack where one is on display and Squishy is a surprise. They are definitely fun to open and collect. However, if you’re a collector who intends to keep and display these figures, I would definitely opt for the vinyl Tsum Tsum figures or the plushies. These figures damage easily and will not have a long shelf life. Even for the kids, I would pay the extra pound for a plushie Tsum Tsum character. These will definitely have a longer life and will probably bring the kids the same amount of happiness, if not more.

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