Ursula Classic Collection doll

Ursula Classic Collection Doll

Despite being an evil villain, Ursula has a lot of fans and admirers including myself. A Disney movie is nothing without its villain and Ursula does not disappoint. Of course you want Ariel and Eric to be together but you can’t help but admire Ursula’s white hair, purple coloured skin, her long tentacles, and her two little minions.

A Disney collection is just not complete without its villains. I’m not much of a doll collector, but the villain dolls of the Disney Classic Collection are absolutely stunning. I spotted this Ursula Classic Collection doll in Toys R Us for a very reasonable price and after purchasing the Evil Queen Classic Collection doll (for full review: http://bit.ly/2elc67d) I had to have the Ursula doll as well. While this may not be an expensive limited edition doll, I think this Ursula doll is very well done and is absolutely stunning.

I have decided to display my Ursula doll in its box, but even in the box you can see right away what makes this Ursula doll stand out, and that is her tentacles. There are only 6 tentacles on this doll but they are very well done. Unlike many other dolls, Ursula is able to stand on her own because her two bottom tentacles are firmly in place and curve at the bottom to form a heart shape to act as a stand. All her tentacles are shaped beautifully and have a dark purple finish on the front and a lighter purple colour on the back with little suckers. While two of Ursula’s tentacles are firmly in place to serve as legs and a stand, the remaining four tentacles are posable and turn all the way around.

Ursula Classic Collection doll

The moulding and paint job on Ursula’s face is also very detailed and beautifully done. There’s a lot of makeup detailing and Ursula’s purple skin has a nice pearl finish. Ursula has a very big green on her face and you just know she’s up to no good. Ursula’s white hair is nicely styled to a curved off mohawk and even has a blue-ish streak running along the left side of her head. Ursula’s torso has a velvet material finish and she comes with one accessory which really adds to the doll and that is her golden shell necklace where she keep’s Ariel’s voice nice and safe.

As with the other Classic Collection dolls, what really brings this doll together is the packaging. This Ursula doll is packaged in a deep purple box with floral detailing all around. On the bottom right hand corner there is an enlarged image of Ursula holding on to her glowing golden shell where Ariel’s beautiful singing voice is stored. There are two cardboard inserts of Flotsam and Jetsam which is a really nice touch because you now have the whole evil gang in one box.

For a reasonably priced collection doll, I think this doll is absolutely fantastic. It would make for a great display piece in any toy collection. I purchased my doll for £18 in the UK at Toys R Us and there are plenty floating around eBay and Amazon. While I think this doll looks great in her box, she also looks absolutely stunning out of box as well with her curvy tentacles. There is no doubt this Ursula doll would be great for play time and for display purposes, I think this doll would be amazing in or out of the box.

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