Super Mario Bros Coin Candies

Super Mario Bros. Coin Candies

Everyone loves candy, but candy just seems to taste better when it’s stored in an awesome Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Block tin  😆

This 2 inch x 2 inch x 2 inch Question Block Tin is filled with 34g (12 oz.) of yellow sour strawberry flavoured coin candies. I don’t have to tell you that this would be a crowd pleaser for both kids, gamers, and nostalgic nerdy adults.

Super Mario Bros Coin Candies

When I first saw this tin, I was expecting normal candies inside, but the fact that the candies are in the shape of yellow coins makes this little treat even better. The candies themselves are also super tasty and don’t have a chemical taste to them, which is always a really nice bonus. I do think it’s odd that the candies are strawberry flavoured considering the candies are yellow, but I can’t complain because strawberry is my favourite flavour for any candy. Lemon or banana would have been the obvious choices, but I think Boston America, the distributers of this candy tin, wanted to go with the flavour that’s most popular.

I think these little Super Mario Bros. Question Block tins would make for an excellent Halloween treat for the special trick-or-treaters you know well and would also make for an absolutely excellent stocking stuffer for Nintendo fans of all ages. The best part is once you’ve finished munching on the candy, the tin can be used to store more candy, stationary, little toys, secret valuables, etc. The sky is the limit.

Having trouble finding these in your local candy store?

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